Old pics

My folks had a bin of old photos that they picked up from aunt Kathy. There were a few I just had to scan. I dumped them in my Older Stuff/Family Etc. pic folder.

I mainly grabbed a few that I’d never seen before of my parents. I think I figured them out a little better. My dad, for instance, walked the ultimate line between total poindexter/dweeb, and tough, well-dressed, and even cool. It finally dawned on me that he was the original hipster.


It reminded me how young and good-looking my folks were not so long ago.

I also was reminded what a dweeb I was. And what a dweeby time the late 70′s/early 80′s were capable of being.
But then I saw my teenage self and remembered how I grew from dweeb to sexy…
At least I would have been sexy…if I wasn’t still such a dweeb on the inside.

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