Henry’s 5th

Henry turned 5 today. We all got up early and opened presents. He got an “Angry Birds” game. Not a video game…but a game where you construct the pigs in buildings and launch the birds from a catapult. He was pleased. We played it a few times today.


He also got his first 2-wheel bike. He got a tactical-looking green bike that sort of matches dad’s car.


We then took him to breakfast of his choice, which, of course, was McDonald’s. Then we hit the park so he could try out his new bike and Spider Man helmet. It was neat to see him cruising around like a big boy. But at the same time, Sarah and I were feeling a bit of sad nostalgia at how fast the years have flown.


We came home where Ronda was waiting for us. He got to open a few more presents. One was a set of ‘finger lights’. I had more fun raving with them than Henry.


We went to work and Henry had a good day with Ronda. He destroyed an elephant pinata they made a few weeks ago, and they played some ‘pin the tail on the lion’. He probably had a few too many junk-food treats today, but hey, it’s his birthday.


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