Medieval Times

While Henry went on a drive with me to pick up my newly-repaired computer, I made the mistake of conversing with him about a place where you watch knights fight while you eat. This was MONTHS ago. Nothing further was mentioned for weeks. Then Henry, out of the blue, begins to ask when we are going to the place where you eat and see knights fight and joust. That kid does not forget…if it has his interest.

Sarah and I decided his birthday would be a good excuse to take the boy to see the knights. And Henry too. John and LeAnn were kind enough to come along, even though it’s definitely not a cheap deal. We got the birthday package which included his B-day announcement from the king, and birthday cake.

Henry found it only reasonable to don his knight costume from last Halloween. He was a sharp looking dude. It was especially amusing at the front ticket counter, when they were hesitating and having problems finding our reservations; because that’s when Henry drew his wood sword. And just stood there in his intimidation mode, staring at the guy at the counter.

Medieval TimesIMG_0480IMG_0482

I enjoyed watching his face as much as I enjoyed the show. He was totally entranced. And that was for all the parading around, horse shows, and tournament games stuff. Then, by the time our meal was about over, the fighting began. Then he went from entranced to saucer-eye enchanted.


He found it extra cool that our knight (Green) won. There was already no question as to his enjoyment of the entire evening, but it was further proof the way he was busting moves with his sword as we walked out. He seems to absorb the choreography pretty well, too, because he incorporates kicks and barrel rolls to his sword moves.


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