On Saturday, I took the boy to Teitze park where they were having an Easter extravaganza.  This was, of course, after our monthly, first-Saturday-of-the-month trip to Home Depot to build something with the kids.

The park had a hoard of people and a big Easter Egg hunt. It was basically just a big flagged-off field where a bunch of volunteers tossed a zillion plastic eggs around the grass. Then have a countdown, and the hoard of kids rush to claim as many eggs as they can. So not really much of a ‘hunt’ per se, but Henry had fun. He was FAR more aggressive than he was last year. I was actually trying a bit to restrain him until the countdown was finished. When it was time, I just about thought I lost him in the crowd a couple times. Pretty freaky for a relatively new dad, but I think it’s getting time to lengthen the leash just a bit, and not be one of those overly paranoid ‘helicopter’ parents.


Later, when Sarah was home from work, we dyed a few eggs. I personally made my token army egg.


Next morning, we woke up to Henry giving us reports on where he was finding the colored eggs around the house. He was pretty excited to have something like that to do. He also got some candy too. I think the Easter Bunny was keeping it pretty low-key this year, but he was still a happy boy. Later we had some fun with that crazy Mexican tradition we picked up since living in Texas: Confetti Eggs.


We had a face-melting ham dinner as well. A good day for celebrating the resurrection! Huzzah!