Long Summer

It’s been a scorcher! I think the Dallas heat is finally thinking about decreasing just a little… at least some time in the next month or two.
It’s pretty hard to find motivation to write in a blog anymore when there’s such a thing as facebook. Not even sure if anyone ever looks at this. Hello?.. Hello?… Echo…echo….
Oh well. Facebook is evil, and this is in effect a diary of mine, so I’ll keep putting stuff up here instead. It’s been so long, I’m trying to remember what’s transpired.

My wife and I celebrated out 10 year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I know that’s what the husband is ‘supposed to say’, but it really has flown. Seems like I married her and moved to Texas just a few months ago. But no… ten years! No regrets though! It’s been a pretty awesome ten years. Sarah and I were able to break away for an over-nighter to celebrate. We booked a room at a hotel, but when we got there, we straight up were not impressed. Here is one difference between Matt and Sarah ten years ago, and Matt and Sarah now: Ten years ago we would not have just called another hotel and rebooked that night while we were in our ‘disappointing’ hotel room. Sarah even nicely checked out and when asked if there was a problem, just nicely told her the truth. We even got our money back.

So we scored a room at a nicer hotel and splurged on some fancy food. One might expect a ‘sexy time’ all-nighter, but the bed was so comfy… we were so free of the kid… of distractions… noises… that .. well…. it was the best night of sleep we’ve both had in about 3 years, I’ll put it that way.

In other news, our landlords found some water damage from an upstairs leak in the walls, so we had our kitchen redone. Some guys named Dudley and Jesse were pretty much living here for a month or so tearing up our place. It’s done now and looks great. I’ll actually kind of miss Dudley. We had some moments of pleasant chit-chat, albeit awkward. Awkward because he would knock on the trap door in the closet floor, from the other side, and I’d open up and let him in. And that sort of bizarre interaction was pretty much the daily norm for awhile. Henry probably thought he was the man who lives under the house.

Henry is just about potty trained too. Sarah had the genius idea of buying little cheap toys and filling up a nice wooden box we have ‘treasure chest’ style. When he pees, he gets a little plastic firefighter or a starburst. When he does #2, he gets a hotwheels car (which he loves and has a giant collection of). So this motivated him to get potty trained pretty quick. He’s in big-boy underwear now. We still use a pull-up for nighttime still, however. But our kid is growing up so fast. Cliché, but the truth of it burns brighter with each passing year.

For awhile this summer I was getting pretty spooked about the economy and state of world affairs, realizing just how fragile and fine-tuned our infrastructure and economic system is. So I got my preparedness on. I geared up a bug-out bag for the family, water filter, and some storable food. I figure that if I’m totally crazy, it’s still good general practice to have a bit o’ the family preparedness.
I also got my ham radio license, finally. I’ve been flirting with the idea and encouraged by my dad since I was like 14. I finally got a tech license. I shelled out for a nice portable receiver, but ran out of money before scoring an antenna or power supply. So it still sits idle. I’m encouraged, however, and have been studying for the general exam, though I’ve found it to have ten times the technical stuff crammed in the exam.

I’ve been pretty tired of late, but for good reasons. I’ve been pretty busy as a freelance editor, assistant, tape op, and more often than not, working at night. But I gotta chase the kiddo all morning, so I don’t get many full nights of sleep lately, but I can’t complain. So between working and hanging out with Henry, I have no social life.. no movie life… no ‘cool’ life whatsoever… and I’ve never loved it more.