Henry’s 3rd B-day at the Farm

Amanda took us to her mom’s (Vikki’s) farm again for Henry to have an extra-awesome day. We all had an extra-awesome day. We had to take pictures of the giant rooster we found at the truck stop. (Mainly because of the fun jokes that we can make when we call it something other than ‘rooster’.)


Amanda spoiled him with a new bubble machine.


Weldon took him on another tractor ride. Henry seems to be scowling, but he loved it. He puts on his ‘serious business’ face whenever he gets to drive tractors, ride trains, or check out fire trucks in real-life. They chased a cow in the tractor.


Vikki made us some killer fried chicken, then we had birthday cake that Sarah made. I drew a tractor on it with felt-tip-like pens that are made for cakes. Sarah made his favorite, ‘red’ cake. (Apparently that makes Henry even more of a Southerner.)


We flew kites. I brought a pricey ‘stunt’ kite that I bought more than 3 years ago, and never had a chance to fly. I tried to take it out once at Stu’s, but it was about 110 degrees at the time and I only lasted about ten minutes before heat-stroking out and having to pack up. It was awesome to fly. Vikki loved it. I think she wants to get one. I also flew my tie-fighter kite, which was more of a cool-looking decorative novelty kite, but wasn’t that hot at flying. Amanda brought a little pterodactyl kite too. At first we messed around with the tie-fighter and pterodactyl kites for a few minutes. Henry seemed to be having a good time. Then I got out my pimp kite. Compared to the others, it sounded like it had a motor on it. And it would do looping nose dives at the speed of sound that swooped by Sarah’s ear, sending her screaming and flailing. It subsequently made Henry a little terrified of the whole kite thing for awhile.


But eventually Henry warmed up to it again when I turned him on to flying the pterodactyl kite while Vikki flew mine. Henry was an AWESOME kite-flyer, by the way. He kept at it for a very long time. Flying it all by himself!

It was a great time, and now that I’ve experienced my awesome kite, I’m going to want to take it out more. Which might not be a good thing, since there isn’t many great places to do that here.

Amanda was very pleased because Josh was allowed to call her for an hour. He’s in Air Force basic training. Amanda hadn’t heard from him for 2 weeks, so she was happy.

We said goodbye and headed home. We then stopped at a dairy farm that sells raw milk. Amanda turned us on to the creamy awesomeness that is raw milk. Makes all store milk taste like chalk water. Henry found a cat to chase, and looked at a calf.


Needless to say, Henry was pretty pooped when he got home. Well we all were. Great day.

A Good Saturday

Today while Sarah was at work, Henry and I had a great day. I took him to Home Depot in the morning. This is a once-a-month thing where parents can take their kid to build a little knick-knack. It helps them learn handy-man stuff I guess. But it’s fun and Henry loves it. This is our 3rd time. This build was a little flower pot holder. The last 2 months was a rain-measuring device, and a butterfly house.


Then Hank and I went to the gym, also a several-time-a-week tradition. After his nap, we hit the art store so dad could score some needed art supplies. I then remembered it was free comic day. I took him along not realizing what a star he’d be. Soon as we step up on the curb, all the hot super-ladies go ‘ooooh he’s soooo cute!’ They ga-ga’d over him for awhile. He was being extra suave because he actually gave Batwoman a big hug. We scored a bunch of free comics, a sweet ‘Flash’ graphic novel at 10% off, a balloon, a sucker, and a photo op with the babes, all in about ten minutes.


I’m pretty sure this was a good day for Henry. (And his dad!)