We had a fun Easter dying eggs with the kiddo.


We also took him to the Lakewood country club where we joined Kelly and E. for lunch. We then took Henry out to meet the Easter bunny. The club was wise to have a balloon lady out there making cleverly-shaped balloons for the kids while they waited. Henry wanted a sword.


Looks like he’s warming up to the Easter Bunny, but he has his trusty sword, just in case.

Easter 11

We then took him on an Easter egg hunt. Wasn’t much of a hunt for his age bracket. More like a scramble with the other kids for a bunch of eggs laying around on the green. He still enjoyed, though. Eggs full of little toys and prizes.


Sarah grabbed some home-made Easter eggs that some kid was selling outside a store. I think these things are a south-of-the border sort of tradition. They’re real eggs that the insides have been sucked out through a small hole, and replaced with confetti. You’re supposed to crack them over each-others’ heads. Sarah, Henry and I made a mess outside our back porch.