Going to the Symphony in a Blizzard



We scored some passes to the Symphony that Robert plays with. It was great fun to get our culture on. I love it, but haven’t done anything ‘high culture’ in years. It was interesting to watch him play his Cello. Apparently there’s a French way vs. a German way to hold the bow. Who knew? It was fun, other than the crazy lady 2 seats away from us with 40lbs of bangles who acted like she had epilepsy between crinkling her plastic treat bag, sorting through her purse, blowing her nose, and general fidgeting. People turned their heads crustily from 4 rows up. Later we found out Robert… on stage.. heard her. Luckily they left at the intermission. They played some of the essentials. Beethoven, Mozart, etc. Unfortunately the weather decided to strike with a freak super-late blizzard that I had to white-knuckle my way through to get home. But worth the show and dinner with Robert and Bridgette after. When we got home alive, we celebrated a little by shooting the bull with Ronda, and her novelty glasses that totally creep me out.

St. Paddy’s Day

It was a pretty mellow St. Paddy’s Day, but that’s the way I prefer it, now that I’m old. Sarah whipped up a mean corned beef and cabbage dish in the croc pot. It was awesome. Shannon and the kiddos came over and partook. Sarah also tried her hand at baking soda bread for the first time. She triumphed. She also baked a green cake with Henry’s help. Tasty fun!


We also hit the Irish fest on the weekend. It was fun, as usual. It’s still a bit foreign and weird for me to hit the thing and not have to be working. I.E: Putting on the hot bagpipe suit, tuning, messing with reeds, tuning some more, playing, marching, warming up, tuning, playing some more, etc.

It was nice to hook up with the Seamus Stout buddies, and sneak into the hospitality area with their extra pass, and partake of the free bar. We then watched their show. It rained on us pretty good, but that didn’t stop us from seeking out more of those tasty ‘scotch eggs’ which Sarah ate. But, alas, they were out when I went to score some for me.


Dropkick Murphys


I have finally seen the trifecta of awesome. Flogging Molly, The Pogues, and, as of last night, the Dropkick Murphys. I was most excited to see these guys out of all 3, because they are my favorite to listen to. All though they were awesome and melted my face off, I would have to say that Flogging Molly seems to be the victor as far as live performance. It’s something I can’t quite put my finger on. They just seem to produce the most love in their music. Perhaps its just because I’m getting old and don’t have as much anger, and like to hear the high-energy mixed up with a mellower ballad a little more. That being said, they still rocked my face off and put on one amazing show, and as far as recorded music goes, Murphys are still my faves. Another criticism is the sound mix at the House of Blues. After seeing several shows there, however, I’m now certain it’s the venue, not the bands. As usual, I would have liked to hear the vocals, bagpipes, whistle, accordion and banjo more, but they sort of always get lost in the guitar and drums. It was pretty neat how they pulled the crowd up on stage until it was full. The musicians were barely hanging on the stage, ready to fall off, or playing as they were buried in the wild crowd somewhere. Randy, Lou, Chris, and I also observed how there seemed to be nobody from the crowd that wasn’t overweight. I guess it’s a sad representation of Dallas! Oh well, I’m fighting the battle of the aging bulge myself and I guess those who live in glass houses…