It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything. I need to take care that facebooking doesn’t kill my ‘real’ journaling. it’s so easy to post some 1-sentence, insipid state-of-mind four times-a-day on facebook, mainly just to get a cheap laugh from friends. But blogging is still the real deal to me. A very very late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Sarah and I had a super low-key thanksgiving at home. Sarah made a brined Turkey and it was awesome. My Birthday was low-key too (getting so old). I worked, then opened a few presents when I got home. Henry picked out the card from him by himself and signed it. Naturally, it was a firetruck card that makes the siren noise when I open it up. it’s been amazing watching him learn and grow in leaps and bounds. The understanding and verbiage and problem- solving, and mechanical skills have exploded exponentially this last year. I used to pretty much keep a mental record of the new words he knew and things he did, but that passed up my ability to keep track long ago. he’s starting to tackle open questions, as opposed to questions with 2 options. it’s just amazing seeng how he sponges it all up, and gets more and more of his own personality, preferences, and brand of sass.

My parents and Andy came down for about a week over Christmas. They make a big road trip out of driving down, so I think they’re ready to rest and decompress when they get here. That’s good, though. Takes some pressure to entertain off Sarah and I. So we mainly just hang out and enjoy each others’ company.

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Andy and I did get an invite for something awesome, however. Damon invited us to the “Christmas Horror Mix-Up” at the Cinema Brew Pub. I was a bit worried at first because I’m still shockable and not a fan of gore. But they turned out to be some of the funniest, worst B movies from the 80s. They were just shaved down enough to show the essentials of 3 features in the timespan of one. “Iced”, “You Better Watch Out”, and “Silent Night, Deadly Night 2″ were as funny and gloriously aweful as any 50′s B-movie I’ve every enjoyed. And the Mix-Up makers filled up the ‘in-betweens’ with hilarious puppet segments, clips of “Santa Claus vs. the Martians”, etc. Andy was impressed with the Cinema Verite you can find here.

I wish I had more time to visit my folks. it seems I was either working or chasing Henry. And I pulled an all-nighter doing a freelance video the night after Christmas. But there’s definately worse problems to have. I’m pretty darn grateful for my wife, rugrat, and ability to keep afloat as a freelancer.
We did manage to get in one other activity with the family (besides raiding all the comic shops in town with my brother), we took a visit to the annual North Park Mall’s train show. I love that thing. It may become a Christmas tradition. Sarah was good enough to call ahead of time to confirm the mall will loan us a wheelchair for my dad, but naturally they kept the chairs at the far opposite corner of the super-massive mall from the train show. But Henry sure didn’t mind sitting on grandpa’s lap while we wheeled him down the halls. I think he quite liked it. I think the whole family enjoyed the trainshow, hopefully half as much as me.


My family loaded up to head back. We briefly thought we’d have to run Andy to the hospital right before they left, because Henry accidentally bashed him in the jaw and eye, but Andy caught his breath and recooped.
2 days later I got a call that stopped my heart. My mom was saying something through a very horrible cell phone connection. I basically heard “Matt..(crackle crackle)…horrible accident..(crackle crackle)…” (click). Then I could get anybody calling back all 3 of their cell phones. Finally, I got ahold of my dad who said they totalled the car, but all 3 of them were fine and walked away from driving around the curve of a mountain road into a herd of cows. Somebody just didn’t close a gate. Awesome. I just thank the Lord they’re all okay. They finally got home after more than a day of dealing with insurance and rip-off, rapist car rental places who totally used their desperate situation to ridiculously overcharge them. But again, I sigh relief that they were all watched over, and walked away after taking out 2 cows. I just hope that doesn’t discourage them from coming down and seeing us again.
They said they may fly next time, which I understand. But between taking chances with my life and wayward cows, or being scanned, questioned, and anally probed by Big Brother, I just may take my chances with the open road again. But that’s just me.