Jan & Mike

Sarah’s parents came to visit for a few days. They were awesome guests! I love my in-laws!
And not just because they let us sleep in by waking up with the kid. They were fun and we had a great time. Jan took Sarah out and spoiled her by buying her a stack of clothes. They let Sarah and I go out. We had dinner at the Outback steakhouse. Then checked out the Londoner, but it was a bit loud for our taste.
Mike checked out the 6th floor museum. I think he dug it.
We all went to the airplane museum. I love that stuff. We got invited to climb on and look inside a tank. It had a long service going from WWII to the 6 Day war to the Lebanon Civil war. We also got to see the inside of a B-24. It was the world’s oldest working 4-engine prop war plane or somesuch. Mike and I really dig this stuff, but I think it especially pleased Mike that Henry seemed genuinely interested and ‘into it’ throughout the entire several hours we were there.


Later we took them to Pocket Sandwich Theater for a live melodrama (cheesy and zany) dinner play of “Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde”. Always a good time there. We stopped briefly at Trinity Hall to show them Seamus Stout.
The next night they Sarah and I go out again. It’s just nice to go out and not be thinking about what we’ll pay when we get home for babysitting. Sarah and I just enjoyed the wine bar where it was mellow.

It was great to see Jan and Mike again. Once again, really sad to see family go home again.

Andy for Halloween

I’m pretty darn late posting this, but I have to say what a great Halloween we all had. My brother came into town to hang out for a few days and it was so awesome to see and hang out with, and re-connect with him again. Unfortunately I had to work most evenings but we still managed to take in a good amount of cheesy movies. It’s always extra fun watching horror and B- scifi with him. Fortunately a lot of fun things to do fell into place right when he was here, furthering his false impression that I have a life heh heh. I scored some last-minute free tickets to the Pogues and we got to go see the legends, thanks to my pal, Billy K. Andy, Billy, Jon and I went out for a pint afterwards and enjoyed the sight of a genuine vintage mini.


I also held a watch party to take in Alex Jones’ latest documentary “Fall of the Republic”. Got a guy out who I used to work with, but otherwise haven’t had a chance to hang out with. Stu came, of course. And I think I officially melted Andy’s brain with terrifying information overload between “Fall of the Republic” and Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism” which we watched the night before. But I vibes that he was pretty much on the same page already, and I was right.

Our wonderful nanny, Rhonda took Hanky to a kiddie Halloween party over at the country club. (wow that sentence made me sound so ‘high life’) He had a great time. He dressed in a curious George-looking monkey suit that makes peoples’ face melt with cuteness.


Sarah and I decided on a whim to be Doctor Who and the Tardis. The older Doctor, Tom Baker. She spent hours and hours crocheting a giant beautiful scarf, following the actual pattern from the show. I only wish there will be more opportunity to wear it here in Dallas. I crammed the last day and a half making her wacky tardis. The best part was the painted pizza box with a party light I velcro’d on top. I was pretty proud of that one. Then we delegated Andy to be K-9. He was a great sport. We just scored him a grey sweat suit and I designed some iron-ons for the front and back. He built some zany radar ears out of tinfoil and such.


The day before Halloween, Andy, Hanky and Sarah had fun carving pumpkins. I was too busy finishing Sarah’s costume.


Halloween night, we took Hanky trick-or-treating in his monkey suit. We walked to Swiss where everybody goes. A lady on Live Oak must have been pretty starved for trick-or-treaters because she flew out of the house to give Henry candy while we were going to the next street over. He quickly learned to say ‘trick or treat’ and that he gets candy immediately after. He had a pretty good haul when we got home. He would ask for his candy for the next 2 weeks by saying ‘trick or treat’ until it was gone.


Then Andy, Sarah and I went to Damon’s party. I was happy that Andy had a good time and everybody got along swimmingly. Damon put on a great spread. Great decor down to the pickled eyeballs on the food table and full size coffin in the living room. Damon even put together an all-Halloween DVD set to play on the livingroom TV. Everything from old slasher trailers to Halloween segments of Roseanne and the Simpsons.


Andy and I had a good comicbook store splurge before he left, and I was sad to see him go. But we all had a pretty darn great Halloween weekend.