Farmer’s Market


I had a great day. I woke up with Henry and we watched some original ‘Planet of the Apes’. Great Sunday morning entertainment. Then Sarah kindly let me have a nap which did me good. Then we took the kid and ate while he napped in the car before hitting the farmer’s market. It’s only our second time and already it’s become a favorite fall tradition. It’s so pleasantly mellow, especially after battling an ocean of people at the State Fair last week. We just stroll about, drinking our coffee, sampling all the fresh fruit. We scored some molasses and raw honey with a big chunk of honeycomb in the middle of the jar. Then we hit the pumpkin place and buy a couple big ones to carve. I enjoy picking out a good handful of those little crazy-looking gourds for decoration too. I don’t know why I’m so fond of those. Do people actually eat those? Or were they genetically engineered to just look cool and be fall decorations? I have no idea. But I like them.


We hit Target and scored some cute winter clothes for Henry. We then took him to the park for a little bit so he could burn off the rest of his energy.


I had leftover grilled burgers. Even re-heated, they taste barbecue-licious. (We bought a barbeque a few weeks ago because we finally live in a place where we can do that for the first time in about 10 years, so naturally we’ve been doing a lot of grilling).
I then caught some of that new documentary about how the Monty Python guys hooked up. It’s their 40th anniversary, so several channels have been having marathons. I loved that documentary because I’ve always wondered how they hooked up and got started.
So it wasn’t an epic or extraordinary day. It was fun and mellow, which is my favorite kind of day.

State Fair


Today we went to the State Fair with Damon and Jenny because Sarah scored some free tickets. We gorged on corn dogs, gyros, baklava, and fried cookie dough. Sarah saw that really high bumpy slide, the kind with several lanes that you ride down on a potato sack, and thought it would be fun to take Henry down on her lap. I was convinced he’d cry… because quite honestly, I’m sure I would when I would look at the view from the top. But he didn’t. He had that intense ‘scared-but-not-showing-it’ look, but he didn’t cry. Then he wanted more when they got to the bottom. We then took the sky tram ride. Pretty neat.


We also showed him the petting zoo again. He got to feed the cows, goats, and other sundry critters. Unfortunately some of the joy of the day was killed by the fact it was absolutely, ridiculously crowded. We must have gone on a weekday last year, because we were swimming in people today. And that can kill some of the joy. People annoy me. Like the guy who rolled his eyes with disgust when Henry popped in front of his path to pet an animal. He was a grown man. It was a petting zoo for kids. Or the guy whom Sarah gave our left over ticket to since we were leaving. He literally took the ticket, staring at her, and didn’t so much as crack a smile or grunt any form of acknowledgement. Or the two drivers that kept trying to race from completely behind me to in front of me during a lane merge without a yield. Or just how annoyingly pervasive ghetto fashion is in the main stream now. Yes, the unwashed masses truly suck sometimes.


But aside from that detail, it was fun to hang out with Damon and Jenny, and to show Henry some fun stuff. The weather was great. Pleasantly cool. The recent cold snap and rain trend combo we’ve had here in North Texas made a nice crisp 57 degree day. But then we got rained on. Everbody was waiting in line for fried cookie dough/ fried butter when it rained. Luckily, Sarah sent me to get fried peaches and cream which was inside the building. The line was insanely long. And then it became frustrating when it didn’t move worth a crap. 20 minutes later, I was about 10 people ahead. Then it became even more frustrating when a dozen cops marched in the little food room I was in and the big Arriflex lights turned on. Suddenly crowds from everywhere were in the room with their cameras and cellphones in the air. Turns out Oprah decided to pop up in that little separate food court room in that gift building I was in. Then the line stopped moving altogether, even though there was still like ten people working behind the counter. I guess they were too busy trying to gawk at a famous person. And I only wanted my damn fried peaches. Sarah finally relieved me of the duty of scoring her fried peaches, so we just scored me a coffee, and they got some food elsewhere.


By then it was getting time to leave. The rain wasn’t going away and the temperature was dropping. I was getting a bit worried about Hank even though I know he runs pretty hot like me. After getting warm at home, I decided the State Fair is still an event worth doing, in spite of all the Texan Tards everywhere.