Wow It’s been a long time!

Life just gets ahead of me. I haven’t posted for so long! Apologies to all my loyal readers (that means you, dad). It’s been a crazy weird long summer. Our downstairs neighbors decided to start being mean because they said we were too loud. That means Henry’s footsteps, pretty much. So we were sort of forced to be gone all day every day. Soon as we’d get up, we’d go to the park. And have to think of things to do all day to just not be home. Home became where we slept. Period. Lots of fun that was, especially when it got too hot. We had to get creative. Going to do laps around the mall or McDonalds, the pet store, etc. Life sucked all because of some nasty grumpy neighbors. We couldn’t ever sell our place, but finally found somebody willing to rent. We had just a few days to get out and find a new place. We found one pretty quick, and thanks to some good friends, we got all moved in half a day.

The new place is great. An extra bedroom, extra space. We can breathe again. No A**hole neighbors. It has hardwoods so Hanky can cruise on his various wheeled riding toys. We both love the place.


But we didn’t get moved out before the airconditioner conked out. That cost us 3 grand to replace. (Yay). Apparently an old airconditioner can single handedly triple your power bill too. I really wish I knew that years ago. It would have been replaced much, much earlier.

Right around our move time, I got laid off from work, along with a bunch of others. I scored some freelance gigs. Music video, EPA stuff, Frito-Lay stuff. Then got a full time but temporary job at editing bar mitzvahs. That lasted about 4 weeks, but ran out of stuff to do. Then AMS called me back to do some stuff in the evenings, so that’s keeping me fairly busy now.

I somehow became a political cartoonist for D.Medina, who is in the primaries as a candidate to become governor of Texas. That’s been fun to be drawing again.

That’s about it, I guess. Only other thing I can think of is the fact my politics, at least according to some (myself included as of a few years ago) has gone off the deep end. I guess I identify with the angry ‘teabagger’ as the spin-hack corporate media so glibly calls us. But I guess I’d rather be a ‘teabagger’ than another unthinking party-boy ‘douchebagger’.

Oh yes, and Henry seems to grow every day. Physically and mentally. I was pretty much at work all day every day for a week recently. He seemed to be talking twice as much the first day I spent with him again.. twice as much as a week prior.


Well that’s about it, really. Nothing much else going on. I would still love to move back to the more temperate climate of Utah, where family is. But since Sarah has a lucrative, sure job (not me of course), in a time when they’re so rare, I guess I’m chained to this pisshole city. But at least the weather is finally letting up. The temperature has mellowed finally when it rained on us for 3 days straight. Maybe it’s just because we had to spend so much time at the park and out of our house in general for the first half of summer, but it sure seemed like the longest, most miserably hot one of my life. Hooray for fall!