Independence Day

We couldn’t go to Royce this year. Elvira had to work. But luckily, Sarah found out about a wee kid’s parade just a few blocks away. Sarah had to work too, but I took the kid over to the parade just in time for it to start. We found a spot pretty quick but it was toasty. It was worth it, though. Henry was a little startled by the volume of the classic firetruck siren. But after he latched on to me and started to tear up, I just started imitating firetruck noises and he joined in. He wore my new straw cowboy hat to keep the sun off and settled in to watch sitting on my lap. He collected and wore a lot of beads, and we gathered a lot of candy. And he didn’t even have to move from his seat to collect it. He didn’t dig into the candy like he didn’t know what it was. But he proved that he did soon as we got home.he dumped it and started trying to dig in. I helped him try his first tootsie roll. I think he liked it a little too much.

Sarah came home and we let Henry nap about 4 hours because we knew he’d be up late. We went to Fat Daddy’s burgers with Damon and Jenny. Then we went to the Lakewood Country Club to meet Jeff, Kelly and E for fireworks.

Henry was wound up and hyper. Strangely, he crashed right out dead asleep just about when the noisy fireworks began. The noise seemed to make him flinch occasionally or squeeze his mom tighter, but we were sure he was exhausted from all his hyper running, and the show didn’t start till almost 10 . But soon as the show was over and people clapped, Henry popped up making his usual ‘all done’ gesture. He wasn’t sleeping at all. He was scared, but dealing with it in a way other than crying. Like he was exercising some kind of mind-over-matter, withdraw-to-a-happy place kind of technique. Pretty sophisticated for a 2-yr old, I think!

Well he was pretty tired by the time we got home. It was a good Independence Day.