Father’s Day on the Railroad

Sarah set up a great father’s day. She figured out what both Henry and I would love, and it is a train ride. She found out where they have classic steam train rides and bought us tickets. We knew Henry would love it because he’s discovered ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ and it’s his new obsession. He already has a pretty sweet train set. I have to admit, I enjoy playing with and expanding his Thomas train set as much as he.

Sarah, Henry and I took a road trip down to Palestine, TX (about 2 hrs). Henry responded as soon as we got to the station and he could see some trains.

We got our boarding passes and checked out the gift shop.

Henry and I were both drooling because it was a vast collection of Thomas stuff. Then we had our included-with-the-package barbeque lunch outside and listened to a guy with a guitar sing. Henry liked to listen and clapped after each song. Sarah took him up to give him a tip.

Then it was time to board.

Henry was so excited, I could literally tell he was tensing up with excitement. He gave the conductor our tickets. We took our seats. The conductor, who was all ‘gussied up old-school’ even came round to punch our tickets. Henry was slipping into his ‘serious business’ mode. He did that before when Rhonda took him to see the fire station. Oh and he did that when he took a ride on the tractor at the goat farm as well. He purses his lips and gets all rigid and focussed.

Soon we were chugging down the backwoods of Palestine. The train rolled through the woods and some cow pastures and a couple swamp bogs. We were allowed to move up a few cars to the concession stand where I scored some ice cream. The people were all nice. Lots of well-behaved kids.

We got to the end and watched the engine detach, loop around, re-attach at the opposite end, and blow some steam.

The train made a mysterious stop on the way back. We found out a lady dropped her camera going out. They were apparently kind enough to briefly stop the whole show so she could get out and grab the camera where she dropped it. I thought that was pretty awesome. Henry made many fans. A lot of folks loved the way he made ‘woo woo’ train noises almost the entire time.

We got back to the station and scored a couple ‘Thomas’ toys for Henry at the gift shop. By the time we got back in the car, it was 4 minutes before Henry was crapped out. Sarah timed it. We got home and played with his new toys for awhile before his bedtime. It was a great father’s day. Thanks, Sarah!