Irish festival

A couple weeks ago was the Irish festival. It’s still strange for me to go to these things and still not have to perform. There’s an upside and a downside I guess. Regardless, it’s always fantastic fun. Henry got to see some live hawks and owls. That’s where he first learned how to do the cutest owl noise ‘hoo hoo’. We got to hang out with Damon, Jenny, Travis, Lindy and the rest of the Seamus Stout bunch. Henry loved the clap-along songs during their show. Always a good time.

Nice new pad

I’ve been busting my butt trying to make our place nice and sellable again. Moving loads of stuff to storage to make it look more open. Shuffling all our stuff through the rooms to get the floors fixed. Then again for new carpet. We ordered custom blinds and I put them up yesterday. I think it’s finally paying off! Floor feels sturdy. Carpet looks great. We got the entry way tiled yesterday too.. To match the earlier kitchen and bathroom tiling we did. New kitchen set.. All so we can sell it. I hope it at least works. But I guess if we’re stuck here it’s at least a thousand times nicer.

Deadbeat HOA and Management

We finally had our floors fixed a few weeks ago. When our condo was still for sale, we began to notice some new potholes under the carpet. We got new tile put in the kitchen and bathroom by a contractor Sarah found. He noticed the cement subfloor was crumbling up. We have been trying to get some straight answers from the HOA and/or management company on this issue for like a year. According to the bylaws, they’re responsible for damage under the carpet. After months and months of not getting back to us and not answering our calls or emails, we finally made some progress. They said they would bring one of their contractors out to evaluate the situation. That was fruitful. He basically bounced up and down on the carpet and said, ‘yep. that could be water damage. Or it could be foundation. It could be a huge thing to fix. Or not. We’ll have to get back to you.’ Then we waited months and months. Once again, not getting any reply to phone messages or emails. We finally said ‘screw it. We’ll pony up the cash ourselves and pay to get the ever-worsening holes in our floor fixed.’ It was not feeling like the wood under the cement was coming apart and giving with each step. I was waiting to literally fall through the floor onto our neighbors. Our downstairs neighbor is the HOA president. Maybe that would get the asshole’s attention. But, alas, our contractor finally showed up to fix it. We had the fun task of moving everything from the bedroom into the livingroom so they could fix the bedroom. Then the next morning, move everything in the livingroom (which is the whole house) into the bedroom, so they could fix the living room. Had to get up extra early to do all this, while juggling our hyper kid. All before going to work for a full day. Then finally, we had to move it all back where it was to begin with. And we ordered new carpet which will take a few weeks. So we’ll probably get to do it all over again when that comes in. Meanwhile, we had to get another storage facility because we’re trying to thin out our stuff as much as possible to make it presentable when we try to sell again. We’ve been taking more and more furniture and books, etc to storage. I’m excited for the new carpet. But still angry. I’m angry that we’ve been giving money to the HOA and the crappy deadbeat management company that they hired. I wouldn’t pay them another dime, except for the fact they could stop us from selling the place. I would hire a lawyer, but then we’ll just get raped by him instead. Gotta love the justice everywhere. Makes me want to go postal sometimes.