Northpark Train Show

Sarah discovered a perfect little weekend thing for us to do. Northpark mall was having a big train show for the Christmas season and it was the last day. I’ve been to a few train shows but it has been a long time. I love them. And this was the coolest layout ever. Maybe not for realistic detail (About all scales were represented on the same layout), but it was so packed with busy tracks. There must have been hundreds of zipping trains. There must have been a serious control room somewhere nearby. Henry ate it up. We slowly walked the loop and took our time. He never lost interest. He was captivated. I caught some of his joy on my sweet new Kodak Zi6.

Northpark Train Show from Matt Walker on Vimeo.

Train Show

Ipod touch

I splurged on a new iPod touch and I’m loving it. I’m writing this entry with it. I’m blown away with how much it does. I also got a kodak zi6 for Christmas which I love. It is an he camcorder that I can litterally fit in my pocket. It’s ultra simple.. Basically a box with a lens and a button. The video and still image quality is amaZing for how simple and cheap it is. I figure I’ll take a lot more footage of the kiddo because it’s so simple and portable. I’ll be posting some videos of hanky at the park shortly.