Pics in the Park

The whole family went to the park to take our Christmas card pics. Luckily Jenny was available to help shoot some pics using our humble point-and-shoot. Our Salt Lake, Dallas, and Finland friends might be jealous of our 70 degree Christmas weather. Jenny took some great pics.


Black Friday

The last time I actually went shopping in the malls for Christmas was probably in ’92. I’ve celebrated the joys of online shopping since it first came out, and used it. But when I saw the newspaper ads on Thanksgiving, I had to admit, those were some deals like I’ve never seen before. Usually sales are hardly worth it. A few bucks or percentage points off. So either I’ve never previously noted Black Friday sales before, or the economy made the retailers really kick it in. To my own amazement, I felt like actually going out and hitting some of those ‘few hours only’ morning sales. I was a bit afraid, thinking I might have to put on my hockey mask and assless chaps to battle the crowds (see the Road Warrior). And to top it all off, since Sarah was working, I’d be taking Hanky by myself.

Somehow I mustered it up to get out the door by 10a.m. The gods of shopping were with me, thankfully. I drove right to a parking space that wasn’t that bad. Got in. They actually still had ONE left. I got it. (A guy came in for the same thing like a minute after I got it). I got out. Done. I didn’t get mauled or trampled by the unwashed masses or anything. I wiped away a tear of joy as I got home.


I’m a bit late to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it was good for everyone. Sarah and I enjoyed a mighty feast at Tracy and Elvira’s house. Hanky kept Tracy’s family entertained with is parlor tricks. That is, making all the animal noises and pulling goofy faces and keeping everybody on their toes by falling down and wiping out and nearly knocking over drinks, etc etc.

Elvira got sick of looking at my flowery pink cellphone. (That’s  because mine got stolen and I’ve been using Sarah’s old one for months.) She kindly gave me an old black cellphone cover. Then when we noticed some metallic hot pink was still showing, she gave me some black fingernail polish to paint the edges. I am now the proud owner of a manly black cellphone.

We ate merrily and enjoyed Tracy’s family, and got sent home with lots of delicious leftovers, which we polished off in two days.

Oh yes, and I’m thankful for Sarah, Henry, a roof over my head, and a job that doesn’t suck. I had to throw that out there. It being Thanksgiving and all.