Happy Halloween everyone! It was great seeing Henry have fun. Corey and Jessica were in town for the first time in many moons from their new home state of New Hampshire. So we went out to see them at a Seamus Stout show at Trinity Hall last Saturday. They were taking their kid Luthor to ‘Boo at the Zoo’ at the Ft. Worth Zoo on Sunday, so we joined them. We dressed Hanky up in his Superman PJs and met up with them. We bumped right into each other at the parking lot. We took him around the place. It wasn’t that great, mainly fighting ridiculous crowds just to score some candy here and there. But it was well worth it to see Henry have fun. We saw a crappy concert by the ‘Drumming Monkeys’, then we took a train ride. Another mom got in our same car, who also had a kid just a little older than Henry dressed as Superman. Pretty funny. Henry liked the train ride the best. His head turned with every lit decoration that went by. 


Halloween was fun too. I worked the day shift so I could get out early and get home. I made my costume this morning. Sarah gave me the idea to draw a NASDAQ graph on a T-shirt and be the economy. So I wore it to work. Pretty lame costume, but scary none-the-less. When i got home, Sarah, Hanky, and Jenny were hanging out coloring pictures. We carved some pumpkins and Henry got to play with the mush. Then we dressed him in his trusty Superman outfit, and took him for a walk down Swiss Avenue. For those not in Dallas, that’s the historic row of ultra-big, nice houses just a block away. The crowds that gather are insane. But we were pretty early so it hadn’t filled up quite that much yet. People loved his costume. Strangely, there were lots of Superboys at the zoo, but none on Swiss. People seemed pretty impressed by his costume. We got his picture with people passing out candy dressed as Hershy’s kisses. We found out their last name was Hershy. I followed them around with my newly-repaired camcorder. I’ll post a video later. We got home, put Henry to bed, popped in a cheesy horror movie from my sweet Horror Classics 50-pack. We ate chili Sarah made, and some Krispy Kreme donuts. Delicious.

Farmer’s Market


Sarah had the brilliant idea of making a Sunday afternoon out of getting some produce at the farmer’s market. I didn’t realize how much fun it could be for a mellow afternoon. There was a sit-down eatery with a place outside where we had lunch. We then walked around and loaded up on produce. They gave out samples and we were pretty impressed with the taste of alot of stuff. Henry was especially impressed with the canteloupe. A sample lady was entertaining herself giving Sarah sample after sample to watch Henry eat. He about took Sarah’s fingers off a few times. Watermelon, canteloupe, plums, blueberries, and peaches. We also got some fresh roasted coffee, and a handful of small pumpkins and gourdes for decoration and general holiday fun. The weather was perfect. A great way to spend sunday.

Texas State Fair


I took the day off work on Friday just so we could all go to the fair as a family. I’m still getting used to going just for fun, and not having to sweat out a half-dozen performances all day. I’m also getting used to having enough money. The economy collapses, and I actually have enough money for the first time in my life. Or at least just now getting used to it.

Anyway, Sarah and I showed Henry the cows, horses, and sheep. Then we sampled some corny dogs, catfish tacos, deep fried bacon (yep) and a burger. We saw the Kildares play. They’re a local celtic rock band. Much fun. Then we took Henry through the petting zoo with the camel, zebras, giraffe, pigs, small goats and rams, etc. He loved the animals. And we loved watching him. Then we took the sky lift across the park. I didn’t even know they have a sky ride. Must be new. Then we sampled some fried oreos, fried cookie dough, another corny dog, etc.

It sounds gluttonous, but I’ve always wanted to sample so many of those ‘deep fried everything’ that everybody talks about here. I honestly think most of it is over-rated. The fried oreos were probably my favorite. They were pretty darn good. We looked at exhibits. Sarah found a good jewelry cleaner at the commercial exhibits. We both found new wallets. Nice leather that actually have slots for the dozens of cards our wallets actually accumulate. Sarah took Henry on his first Merry-Go-Round ride. He was very eager and happy at first, but not so happy once the ride started going around. Mom had to hold him for the last half. I had a couple beers. We saw a sweet model railroad setup at Big Tex’s feet. We eventually covered the whole place in a giant circle, and decided it was time to head out because it was getting dark and Hanky was tiring out.


It was good timing because I got home and crashed hard. I HIBERNATED for 12 hours, then had another 2 hour nap the next morning. It must have been something I ate (heh heh.)