Greek Festival


Another fall fun event. I always loved Greek festivals whatever city I’m in. We took Hanky today and stuffed ourselves on some of the tastiest Gyros I’ve had in a VERY long time. And I used to pride myself in being a gyro connaisseur. These were very good. The greek beer was some of the few decent non-Guinness beers I’ve had. Then we had some tasty Dolmas. Then Hanky enjoyed watching the balloon guy do his thing. Then we searched for some of my beloved Baklava. Unfortunately, everybody was out. We ran into Matt, Megan and their kid Penelope who is just 2 weeks older than Hanky. She’s as tall as him, but half his weight. Matt let us know about an alternative to Baklava… Baklava sundaes. Ice cream and baklava are my two favorite desserts on earth. The two of them together was FACE-MELTING. We saw some traditional dancing and heard some traditional music (and some crappy contemp music. I have no idea why they played any of that). I enjoyed watching a painter do his work. Not the usual cheesy painter. This guy had some really great work. Sarah got a scented candle, and we called it a day.



Sarah, Hanky and I hit Oktoberfest in Addison. It was hot but fun. Hanky loved seeing all the weiner dogs. Apparently daschunds are a huge thing at Oktoberfest. We found some tasty food and beer. Watched the weenie dog races. We weren’t able to see well, but that’s okay. It was an enjoyable outing.

Hanky the Ring Bearer


I had a dream I was hangin’ out with a hobbit last night. And now I realize why. Henry was in his first wedding on Saturday. Sarah’s buddy, Erica wanted him to be her ring bearer for her wedding. She wouldn’t listen to our insisting that it would be disasterous. She wanted to elevate the cute factor. We were worried she’d just elevate the screaming-kid-who-isn’t-old-enough-to-have-a-clue-what-he-should-remotely-be-doing factor. Wonderfully enough, Henry caught on at the rehearsal Friday night. And did the same on Saturday. Sarah sent him down the aisle. He marched the whole way, holding the ring pillow and everything. I was in the 4th row from the front and was supposed to snag him up. I heard the crowd react when he did his thing in his little tux. Then they really got a giggle when I reached for Henry, he jerks out of my way to quickly take the last few steps to the front, and spike the pillow football-goal-style in front of the wedding party and crowd. It was awesome. I got him and the pillow in our seat. He got a little too squirmy half way through so I had to step out. But all-in-all he was pretty good. We even hit the reception later and he was a mellow good kid the whole time. Erica even gave out gifts for the kiddies and Hanky got his favorite: stacking cups and a book. It kept him tame. I really don’t know Erica or her new husband, but had a pretty decent time anyway. Well worth it just to see Henry in his tux lobbing the ring pillow. And the groom can’t be too bad because he had a ‘Cleveland Indians’ wedding cake!

…In the Ghetto…

I woke up Saturday, August 30th to find some ghetto trash had broken into my car. They smashed out the passenger side window. I thought it was safe to leave my ipod because it’s in the center console out of sight, and we have a gated, fenced-off parking lot. I was wrong. They were probably lured because it was the ONE time I accidentally left my cell phone in the center console where you can see it. I was left with a busted window and a stolen cell phone and ipod. Yay.

We were worried we wouldn’t be able to get a window repair guy out for ages, because it was the labor day weekend and all. We lucked out. Sarah made some calls and got a guy out that day. I called the police to make a report. Strangely I got our ol’ buddy Elvira. That was sorta weird.

I looked up my cell phone account and saw a number that my phone called a couple times at 4 in the morning. I was pissed and sent a text message to my own phone from the computer. It was rather insulting. Then Sarah and I cancelled the old SIM card and got a new one, with the same number. So I didn’t have to change it.

Then the wacky fun… I got a text message that night from the number that my phone called at 4 a.m. It was a picture of some ghetto woman taking a picture of herself in the mirror using, apparently, MY phone. She was flipping me off. Yaay for stupid ghetto slime!

Naturally, I wanted to add all that info to the police report I made. After playing phone tag with a detective for a week and a half I was able to give him the extra tidbits. But, as expected, there isn’t much they can do for now. But it’ll be on file for when they build a case on those neighborhood kids they have their eye on. I love it when justice is dealt fast and swift! (Which is never).

The End.

Home Improvement


It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Not much happening in the last few months. We wanted to fix a dip in the floor by the toilet and found out the subfloor of the bathroom was falling apart. We got a contractor to fix it all up and tile it. It looks great. We figured we better have matching tile in the kitchen so we had him do that too. He had to tile it twice. After the first time, we noticed it was all cracking by that evening because he tried a quick patch on more subfloor that was falling apart. Luckily he came back and charged us only for the subfloor re-do which we didn’t anticipate he would have to do with the kitchen. We started noticing more holes under the carpet throughout the house. Neighbors have mentioned the same thing. There must have been a pretty dramatic foundation shift recently. We still need to get the rest of the house done now. We wanted to get rid of our nasty carpet anyway and put in some hardwood laminates. We have yet to do that because we’re waiting on the HOA’s contractor to come evaluate what they might cover.

Oh, and we spent a crapload of money on credit at the home depot for a bran-spankin’-new fridge, range, and dishwasher. It’s pretty sweet. We’re just kicking ourself that we didn’t do all this when we first moved in. We just as well have. Then we could have at least enjoyed it for awhile. We’re pretty much doing all this hoping it will sell the place quicker. And if it doesn’t, at least we have a nicer place to be stuck in!



Today in celebration of Jenny’s birthday; Jenny, Damon, Sarah, Hanky and I went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Hanky loved it. And so did we. Much fun. A bird unexpectedly landed on Sarah’s shoulder… while she was holding Henry. I didn’t think they were actually supposed to do that.

Speaking of… in celebration of Jenny’s birthday just the night before we went to a place called ‘Bongo’s. A bar with great Mexican food. There was somebody’s parrot there who took a shine to Sarah as well. She must be a bird whisperer. Bongo’s was wacky. Fake sandbox-style ‘beach’ area complete with tikki torches, tacky live lounge music, and a bird. It was great. Then Damon broke out the ‘Totally 80′s’ travel trivia card game for the whole group. Then the fun really began.