Downtown Shoot

I rounded up some buddies for a shoot downtown. It was fun but extremely hot. We were in the sun during record-breaking temperatures. I had to call a wrap even though I would have otherwise covered a bit more. We parked in an unmarked lot and naturally encountered the owner who was milling about on foot for no apparent reason. He said he’d let us all park there for the morning for $20. I appeased him. Who knows, maybe I just forked over $20 to a scam artist. But at least we weren’t hassled by anyone for the rest of the morning. There were some audio technical difficulties, but other than that, it went well. I got to ride on one of those extra fancy jib-dollies, which was pretty sweet. I’m making a ‘fan boy’ trailer for a non-existent movie. No particularly ambitious plans for the video. Just something to do for the sheer love of it, and post on the internets when I’m done.

4th of July at Royse City, USA

We spent the 4th with Tracy and Elvira who moved out of the big city to Royse, a speck on the map. The town is classic. The whole day was such a refreshing break from downtown Dallas. In fact, it’s the most Sarah and I have done for the 4th in years. When I took 911 calls, I always had to work through the holiday. Then for the last 3 years we would just go to the garage roof for the Lakewood fireworks in the evening. And that would be about it.
This year, however, we went to Tracy and Elvira’s, then walked over to the parade, Nathan and Ethan came along too. We found a place in the shade on a back street before the route turns over onto the main street where more crowd was. It was therefore, the most intimate parade I’ve ever seen. We got more candy than a good haul on Halloween. Everybody loved Henry. Towards the beginning, I think it was the mayor’s wife who handed me her little flag for Henry. I gave it to him and he held and waved it the rest of the parade. I was worried the firetruck sirens would shake him up. They didn’t. They were blazing away with the horns and sirens. He was literally a few feet away on that tiny street. He didn’t shake up one bit. He liked it and had fun. It was a perfect first parade experience for Henry.
A woman stopped for Henry to get to know her horse. Henry eyed the horse with reserved apprehension.
We then went to some city/school football field area where we stood in line for hot dogs and soda. We realized to our joy that it was all free. Donations recommended. We left a good donation and ate. Then tried some of that free red, white, and blue Italian ice stuff. And the friendliness of the average person is very refreshing after living in Dallas. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Big D is one of the most reserved, rude, unfriendly ‘get out of my face’ citines in the whole country. But I swear, you get out to the first small town just outside Dallas, which I think Royse pretty much is, and it’s the opposite extreme. Very friendly strangers everywhere.
By the time we were chilling on the grass waiting for the fireworks show (which we were very close to), I was almost expecting to see Normal Rockwell busy at his canvass somewhere. Henry discovered the joys of putting their novelty hat on everybody.

3rd of July at work

I’ll never get used to being allowed to drink at work. But starting at about 2, the party started. Good ribs and burgers. And beer. Strange being at work and drinking alcohol. Even weirder is when many of us aren’t necessarily finished with our work. Going back to finish some projects with a beer in hand. So foreign to me. Even after almost 4 years there. I guess you can take the boy out of Utah, but you cant… anyway.. I wish every day was like this at work. Randy brought Rock Band and we all rotated out turns playing. Very fun. Tried the drum kit for the first time. I don’t think I did too bad. Oh, and Donald’s friend sent a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey as a thanks for editing his wedding video. It’s a sweet blessing too when you sincerely enjoy the chit-chat and camaraderie of people you work around. I can honestly say that. We went up on the roof for another great view of the KaboomTown Firework show. My only complaint of the day is I made the mistake of going home right after. Then I got stuck in traffic. Miles and miles of gridlock. Cops and every intersection because the stoplights were out or turned off. Here’s some crappy cellphone images…
07-03-08_184007-03-08_184607-03-08_2137 I found it wacky that people right on the freeway were pulled over to watch the firework show. Seems kind of unsafe and idiotic to me. But welcome to the big D…