Utah Trip

It’s been put off for awhile, but thought I’d log about our trip to Utah (June 14-22. I retro-dated this entry). It was great for all of us to catch up! Luckily Henry slept on the plane ride out. Whew. We were worried because he doesn’t like to hold still.
100_0177.JPG After getting in, we got Henry dedicated at Dave’s home. He was pretty squirmy and tired by then. But we got it done. And it’s good that Dave’s heart surgery went well!
100_0184.JPG Hanky got to meet his cousins at a barbecue at Elliot’s. My nephew and niece got to come play too.
100_0274.JPG We went on a hike with Sarah’s fam. Other Sarah’s family has a cabin up in Sundance. A scenic waterfall is just a short hike from there. Henry was a trooper.

0620080251a Sarah and I got to catch up with quite a few old friends and family members.


It was busy and exhausting. But it was good to be around people who actually care again. Actually care if we were to be abducted by aliens or something. And it took 8 years of Dallas, TX to make me realize either how pretty SLC is, or how butt-ugly… well… almost everywhere else is.