Justice, Vol. 1Justice, Vol. 3

I said I’d do it. So I am. It took me forever to get around to reading my set of graphic novels, “Justice” illustrated by Alex Ross. But thanks to my buddy Tom’s Christmas present, they were on standby for my reading pleasure. And I must say, once again, my mind was blown. Not just art, but writing. The pacing of the writing and panels, combined with the photo-realistic art makes the brain almost think it’s watching the awesomest movie ever. My advice to anyone is to get all 3.

Iron Man

Sarah had the lovely, brilliant idea of taking our memorial Monday off to see a movie. Rhonda graciously agreed to come watch Hanky for a bit and we went to see Iron Man. It was awesome.
Here’s what is making me happy about movies these days… after over a decade of new worlds of CG capabilities, Hollywood is JUST NOW beginning to re-discover that any movie will STILL SUCK if it has a weak story and weak characters. For the first time in FOREVER, we’re starting to see some fancy CG movies that actually STILL HAVE a solid, fun story and characters the audience gives a crap about. Yes, the Iron Man story was pretty formulaic, but there’s a reason those formulas exist. They work, they make a good show, even if we’ve seen the formula before.
I also like the fact that, like Batman Begins, the movie wasn’t shy about spending serious time setting up the creation of the super-hero. Building it to be as believable of as possible. (for a super-hero).

Oh yes, and being a guy who loves DC more than I ever did Marvel, it pains me to admit… that Marvel has figured out the whole movie thing for quite awhile. The Spiderman and X-men trilogies were solid. Fantastic 4, not so solid, but still not bad, etc etc. I can’t wait to see a little Thor, the one Marvel guy I care about. Then we look at DC. They have NOTHING outside of some very well-done animated series and Batman begins. I still simmer at the lame pseudo-sequel-Christopher-Reeve-ish-Lex-Luthor-is-a-loveable-goofball approach in Superman Returns. I’m a Superman freak and the movie was an epic failure. Come on, DC/WB.. get with it! Re-think your superheroes. Make them new again. Do what you did with Batman Begins only more… take some notes at a few of the better Marvel movies. Even Read Alex Ross’ ‘Justice’ Series. (maybe another post on that later). The world is ready for a movie on the Green Lantern, The Flash, Even Lobo, etc….

But I digress. Iron Man. Fun flick.

Henry’s First Steps

I got a call at work yesterday from Sarah. I knew what she was going to say before she said it for some reason. She said ‘I have some video to show you’. I was like ‘darn’ cause I wasn’t there. But it is pretty great that it was caught on video at least. Rhonda watched him today, and he apparently didn’t do anything until Sarah came home. She noticed he was wobbling on his feet pretty good and just felt it coming, so they busted out our new Kodak. Yes, people.. his literal first steps were actually captured! YESS! So we have 3 clips. Now I’m getting afraid of when he’ll be running around…

Henry's First Steps from Matt Walker on Vimeo.

Henry's First Steps (pt 2) from Matt Walker on Vimeo.

Henry's First Steps (pt 3) from Matt Walker on Vimeo.

Ren Fest


It’s pretty wacky that it’s Henry’s second Ren Fest, being barely one year old. But we did it. Last year, the whole place was a total mud pit from all the rain. This year was hot. We kept Hanky in his stroller and the sunscreen was flowing, though. We hooked up with Tracy and Elvira, had some beers, looked at stuff. We watched a guy trebuchet an egg ten yards, and saw the birds of prey show again. I just wish it was a milder time of year. I’m glad I still have my Amish hat from like ten years ago. It’s great for the heat and sun. The gypsies only tried to steal Henry away a couple times. Those ‘bustier’ Renaissance women sure dig him! I also observed how the whole place seems like an adult tree-house village to me. Structures built to keep the rain off, but still ‘open’ and very ‘tree-house’-like. I don’t know why I dig that so much. I could spend a much longer time looking at the craft, costume, and artistry more than anything. It’s great to see the sculptures, glass-blowing, candle-making, leather craft, etc etc. But, alas, we had to drive home and get Hanky to bed, and keep him from baking in the sun any longer. Good times.

Happy First Birthday, Henry Thorson Walker!


I can’t believe it’s been ONE YEAR since Sarah was screaming to ‘get it out’ at the hospital! Wow time flies when you have a kid! He already looks more like a little boy than an infant baby. We celebrated by getting up early and going out to breakfast. Then we turned his car seat around, because we officially can. And he’s been too huge to squeeze in that small space between the back of his seat and the back of the car’s seat for months. So life is easier for us now with his seat facing forward. Then we opened presents and had a cupcake and ice cream. He raked in with new toys and clothes. I never knew a birthday could mean as much to me as my own. Now I know.