Gogol Bordello

Went to another sweet concert Wednesday night. I love any sound with some actual originality and creativity, especially if genuine ‘underdog’ old-school punk attitude is fused with folk ethnicity. Thus I quickly loved the sound of Gogol Bordello when I first heard it. Amped up gypsy punk. When I found they were putting on a show at the Granada, I jumped on buying the tickets. I reminded Damon to get his. Sarah and I scored a babysitter for the evening. We met up there, and found Travis had discovered this band as well. And what a great time it was. High-energy carnie gypsie punk, and a lead singer with an ‘Ian Anderson’-style penchant for amusing attire, and a think eastern-block accent just a couple notches tamer than that of our fictional friend, Borat. I especially like the two matching hot, amusingly clad women who come out to play the marching bass drum, cymbals, and occasionally wail. The crowd was great and friendly. Great show.