TV Joys

After a few more adventures and woes with TV’s magically disappearing or going way up in price as soon as they’re in my grasp; I was pretty much given up. I would wait like a year before I would care about it again. Sarah and I stopped at Target for some groceries after a Sunday of bowling with Damon and Jenny. I was in electronics, so I thought I would ask. Unsurprisingly, they were out.

But the guy said he’d give me a list of availability at other stores. Most of them said there was 1. (I’ve seen it a dozen times in my adventures. They really don’t have one. I think the computer counts the floor model that they refuse to sell) But strangely, one location had 2. It was one I checked last week, but when I got home and called, he said they actually had one left (!) I rushed down there and they even pulled it for me. A little customer service goes such a long way.

So I had come full-circle. It was back to Target and the TV I originally saw the ad for when I first decided to get a TV. luckily I still had my raincheck to get that good price.

I came home joyfully but couldn’t carry it in for the longest time because I needed help and Henry was being extra fussy at his bedtime. Sarah suggested I call Damon over to share the joys of the new TV with me. It was a good call. He helped me carry it in. Made me feel less guilty about the money I spent because he liked it so much too. (Sarah, being female and all, isn’t so impressed by electronics)
42 inches looked pretty big in the store. But so much bigger at home. I was worried Sarah would say it’s too much and tell me to take it back. I think she was thinking about it. Luckily it’s grown on her. I was amazed as soon as I powered it on. It automatically detected and listed all the analog, digital, sd and hd channels. There’s some channels I never knew existed. Like WFAA-3 which shows security camera at DFW airport all day. Sometimes you get to hear traffic control. I have no idea why the station exists but it’s awesome.


I had a newly-arrived ‘Justice League: New Frontier’. It was on standard non-upconverted DVD but still looked surprisingly good. Especially on a big, theater-like screen. (Great movie. Maybe more on that later.)