Lucha Libre

My bro brought me a DVD for Christmas. It’s the Lucha Libre double feature. I popped it in the other day and was very amused. I didn’t realize how fun these flicks are. Classic films of Mexican wrestlers (who wear their masks at ALL times…sleeping, casual, formal, etc) fighting international spies, underwater city inhabitants, mad scientists, and superpowered evil midget gangs. What more could a movie possibly need?! Oh yeah, babes. Wait, they have those too! And what was all that talk I’ve heard about Santo anyway? It’s ALL about the BLUE DEMON!


I ran out of disposable contacts again. And for the zillionth time since I moved to Dallas, I was told to get yet ANOTHER eye checkup before they would sell me another box. Back in the day in Salt Lake, I used to be able to buy box after box after box when I ran out. And they were like eleven bucks each. The annoyance of how restrictive it all is now, coupled with the fact they’ve gone up to like $80 a box; I finally just said ‘To H#@!! with it. I want Lasik!’ I was thinking I would ponder it for several months, but Elvira mentioned that SAME week that she was going in for a consultation and wanted Sarah or myself to go with her. Naturally I joined her last monday morning to see if I’m eligible and what the prices are. The price was right and I was eligible. And they have the old ‘hook you’ deal where I get a few hundred extra bucks knocked off the price if I get it done that same week. So we both went in Wednesday to get our eyes zapped.

I must say I’m impressed. I noticed a better eyesight soon as they took the bandages off. It’s been getting better over the last week too. It’s now better than when I had contacts in. The place was a super nationally popular lasik doctor’s center, and it was a veritable assembly line. You get hustled from waiting room to waiting room. quick tests and checks by doctor after doctor. A crowd of people ahead of you and behind you every step of the way. You almost feel a bit hustled the way they sit you down in the or with people in front and people behind and somebody grabs you to throw you down on the table a-la civil war era army ‘chop chop’ hospital tent. The weirdest part was actually seeing my cornea being peeled back and seeing the light go all out of focus. (moreso that my sight without my glasses) then hearing the machine zapping then seeing my cornea getting folded back over and seeing the light in focus again.

But all that aside, I didn’t really care. I was fully expecting it to be pretty much that way. If they weren’t that efficient, I’d be on a five-year waiting list. And bottom line, they did a good job and it works great.  Kinda cool Elvira and I carpooled to our consultations and checkups. We got a driver to pick us both up at my place and take us home for the actual surgery day. Free of charge.  I’ve had to wear goggles whenever I go outside for the last week, but done with that now. Funny part is I’ve had alot a compliments on how ‘cool’ the goggles look on me. From people who didn’t even know why I’m wearing them! And I’ve been on an eyedrop regimen that will last a few more weeks. But amazed at how I see now. Without any corrective lense. YAAAAY! Very happy with my new eyeballs.