Crawling and First Tooth!

Henry had a busy weekend. He learned how to crawl, and is now scooting all over the place, It fun to see him moving and a shakin’. He also got his first tooth, the bottom right one. He has been a trooper not being to fussy, ans even sleeping through the night a couple of times. He does want to be held a lot, which is driving mommy just a little but mad! It’s amazing how quickly he is growing and changing. We are just loving it.


Saw the Misfits last night. My ears are still ringing. Another true old-school punk experience. Even though those guys are more attitude and gimmick than serious musicianship, it’s a good time and a good way to vent the backed-up rage. The most amusing part is the crowd. The way everybody up front gets on stage and dives off. Then some want to mess with the lead singer, who, in turn, gets them in chokeholds and tosses them off stage.. without seeming to miss a note. A must make mention of the opening band. I’m now a fan. Ghoul Town is another band that dares to move into new territory. It’s been done a little, but the way cowboy sphaghetti western-meets-punk-meets biker attitude is pretty sweet with Ghoul Town.

6th month appointment

Henry had his 6th month appointment today.  He weigh in at 22.1lbs and he is 28 3/4 inches tall.  What a big little boy.  He also is learning tons of new things.  He can say mama, and loves saying it at 6:30 in the morning when he wants out of his crib.  And baba over and over when he’s happy, hungry, upset, or just being silly.  He does the raspberry bubbles like they are going out of style and love just making tons of noise and talking.  He also is getting up on his toes when attempting to crawl, but still isn’t quite there yet.  He is almost sleeping all the way through the night, only getting up once, and Matt and I can’t wait for that to be done.  A full nights sleep I don’t think we would know what to do with ourselves.  He is so much fun and we are just loving him to pieces.


As I have stated before, Tanner, the kid I used to work with, sorta turned me on to Euro power rock. I never thought I’d listen to metal. But this stuff is sorta retro, sorta new, and all sorts of fun. Anyway he loaded up my ipod with all the basics. I quickly appreciated Dragon Force for their not-taking-themselves-too-seriously, even though their playing is light-speed, jaw-dropping speed. But in terms of sheer musicality, my favorite soon became Nightwish. I was bummed to find out they were no longer many months ago when I chatted with Tanner. Well I was pleased to discover they were just on break and were having a new tour, and making a stop in the big D.
Tanner, Alex and I went last night. It was serious good stuff. I was also pleased to find much of the crowd was my age. Not just 17 year-olds. It has an older-crowd appeal too. Because it’s intelligent music. Actual composition occurs here. To me, it’s the most exciting thing to happen to music since it all got boring and monotonous in the late 80′s. (With the exception of a few, like Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys) Yes those are some bold statements, but true in my opinion. I say this because they actually blend some sounds to almost hang on the edge of having created a new Genre. They are a little thrash rock, a little Metallica, a little Opera, a little ‘Lord of the Rings’-style symphonic orchestra, and even with a pinch of ‘Enya’ and some traditional Scandanavian folk. Perhaps there is hope for music still. I think I speak for a rapidly-growing number of people when I say we’re tired of being spoon-fed the same old top-40 crap, and being told what is ‘cool’. The rap, the grunge, the emo, the anguish rock, bubblegum, r&b etc etc. People are actually daring to make bold new sounds, and mix unlikely styles. First Dropkick Murphys threw Celtic and Punk in a blender… and now this!

This is just a TV appearance clip I yoinked from YouTube, and it features their old singer, but the new singer (Anette) totally rocks too. Go Finland!