Sweet Weekend


We planned to see our friends’ Irish band, ‘Seamus Stout’ play tonight at the Tipperary Inn. Just like the old days. We even secured a babysitter for the evening. Elvira and Tracy came along and Jenny joined us later. I got to check out the fancy HDX900 pro camera from work for the weekend just to play with it and check it out. Unfortunately, there wasn’t quite enough light at the Tip to get a good shot, even with the Iris all the way up. I brought a litepanel but it was too intense and obnoxious to use. Nevertheless, it was a good times. I had a mere 4 Guinness and felt really headachy and hungover this morning. I’m definately getting old. It seemed to happen overnight too. About the time Hanky Panky was born. This time last year I could have taken on 10 Guinness without any problem. Anyway, Sarah and I threw Hanky in the stroller and took a walk to the Tip this morning where they started doing brunches on Sunday mornings. It’s our new tradition. Delicious Irish-style breakfasts in a great atmo. The walk was great cause it’s been cool breezy autumn weather (my FAVE time of the year!). Then we cleaned some house, carved some pumpkins and watched ‘Tremors 2′. Oh and I got some nice footage of Henry covered in pumpkin guts with the camera. I’ll probably post it later. I called the folks and the grandmas this evening. I’m glad they haven’t disowned me for neglecting to call them so long. I’m terrible about keeping in touch with everybody! But all-in-all it was such a pleasant weekend, I thought I had to blog it for personal record and what-not. Seems weekends are usually hectic. More should be like this one.


No, not yet, but boy is Henry sure thinking about it. He can scoot backwards and he’ll get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. It seems soooo soon! I’m hopng that it will take awhile to get past the rocking, Henry completely mobile is a scary thought, I’ll be chasing him all over the place. :) And the poor kitties won’t know what to do with themselves.


Henry is 5 months old today!!!!!!

Boy can Henry move. He barrel rolls like crazy. One minute is chilling on the blanket next minute he’s all the way across the room. It’s so much fun to watch him figure stuff out. The other day he got to know the dvds very well, slobbering like crazy on them. Lucky for us they were Netflicks dvd.. tee hee! Henry can also almost sit up, he’s good for about ten seconds then down he goes, he’s getting it though.

We join a mommy and me group so that we could meet other moms in the area, went to our first one last Monday. It was tons of fun, we had a guest speaker and got to meet about 10 other moms. We’ll be going back next week.