5th Annual Art Show


Another art show year. Fun times. Unfortunately Randy from work invited us to something pretty cool on the same night. He and his buddies were premiering their new horror flick in which Randy has a moment as a bloodthirsty zombie. Unfortunately it was on the same night. But fortunately, it was right across the street at the Lakewood theater (!) what are the odds of that? So I was geared up for a great night of fun and friends at the show, then sneaking over to some more fun and friends at the premier, or seeing them swing by for a drink afterwords.

Things didn’t work out so well. I went over to the theater well in to the night, only to find out they’re only a few minutes in the movie. Apparently they were broadcasting it right from the editor’s laptop, and it wasn’t finished rendering. (Why do they make me say it almost daily? Why Why WHY does everybody in this business give everyone else, and even themselves completely UNDO-ABLE deadlines?! You’d think SPEED was the best virtue in television and film. It’s not people!) Anyway, I guess their evening had a rough go because of interruptions and technical difficulties.

Our evening wasn’t much better. I thought it had a stronger-than-usual turn-out early. And traditionally, it only gets more crowded later on. It only fizzled out, though. I later learned why. Apparently there was too much drunken rowdiness with the crowd, including fights, etc. so John decided to close down the free bar earlier than usual. Funny how everybody just evaporates when the free booze is gone! heh heh. Luckily the show was a success for the charity. As much art was sold as any other year, so that’s good. But for me and Randy, our nights were equally fated to fizzle. Oh well. It’s a story. :?

Rolling Over!

So apparently, Henry can roll over. Just not for me. He’s done it about 5 times for Matt, late at night when I am sound asleep. He did it today for Matt too when I stepped away to change around the laundry. What a little stinker!

Our Little Big Boy!

Henry had his 4 month appointment on Monday. And he is a growing. He weigh in a 19lbs 5 oz and 26 1/2 inches long. Such a nice big boy. And to answer the question everyone seems to ask.. is he rolling over.. nope not yet. But he can get up on his sides just fine and has been doing that for weeks. And he can stand with little support. I’d be fine if he takes his time rolling. The longer he’s not mobile the better, I have a feeling once he gets going we won’t be able to stop him. He’s started laughing which is just one of the best sounds in the whole wide world. His daddy sure knows how to get him going too, it’s so awesome to just sit back and watch.