Camera Woes

I went to digitize the hours o’ footage I shot at the Beast Feast and discovered many of the shots are glitched out on playback. Luckily there’s a swell engineer I work with who tells me the few things it may be, and recommends another rad fix-it guy at Bexel. The guy says he can give it a thorough cleaning and look for something that may be obviously out-of-whack, but he can’t replace parts because Canon doesn’t certify anyone to fix their stuff. If it needs any real repair, I have to pack the camera and send it to Jersey or California, wait forever, pay at least $300 just to possibly get an alignment which is usually a simple deal.

That is why, folks, NEVER BUY CANON!

1st Annual Beast Feast


We were invited to attend and shoot a first annual gathering of the Dallas hunting and fishing clubs. The BEAST FEAST. It was out at Joe Pool lake. (Weird name I know. But a pretty nice recreation spot) where we met some nice folk and I video taped everything that was being lovingly cooked. All the stuff they have in the freezer but haven’t cleared out yet. It was surprisingly way more exotic than I ever would have anticipated. Bison steak, wild Hog shank, pheasant and wild turkey gravey, stuffed dove breast, and stuffed sandhill crane breast to name a few. I told Sarah it is cannibalism when she tried the crane.

It reminds me of our own little Beast Feast I had once with some friends years ago. Breck, Cousins Steve, Dave, and I were starving one snowy dead-of-winter night when he mentioned he had some steak in the fridge. And a stocked freezer. We made our own Brazilian feast by kickin in the barbeque at the front of Steve’s garage. We gorged on steak, chicken, sausage, pork, and finished the deer meat left over from the previous falls’ hunt. Not as exotic as todays, but still good eatin’.

Today was even more enjoyable than expected. Yes we took Henry, and he hung out on our lap or in the stroller. No crying all day. He convinced everyone he’s the best natured baby in the world! (Had them fooled! heh heh)

I had plans to stop at Stuie’s to still attempt to fly my kite. We first tried his big parachute kite. Never flew that kind before. Loads of fun. Unfortunately, by then I was feeling the heat of the day way too much. I was cooked and done. After Sarah and I did a couple loops on Stu’s kite, we were both ready to get home. It felt like a zillion degrees out there and I was overheating. So I’m still waiting to have a chance to break out my new kite (grrrr!) but still a good Sunday. I always feel more ready to go back to work on Monday, feeling like I’ve had a real weekend, after I get out a little.