Henry’s been eating (drinking milk) with the appetite of many men. We decided to give actual mushy food a shot for the first time. Either he’s not hip to food just yet or he thought the flavor was disgusting. We’ll try again later..

Henry Eating

Pics of Downtown


I had some serious insomnia a couple weeks ago. So soon as it was light out I decided to head downtown for some picture taking. I was sorta tryin’ to ‘location scout’ for a short video I want to make soon. I thought some of the pics were pretty neat, so I slapped ‘em up in the gallery. Have a look…

Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)Damon’s girlfriend Jenny had big plans last night to wait in line at Borders for the new Harry Potter book. Sarah nobly offered to hang out with her, with no intention of getting the book since she didn’t even pre-order. So Damon and I hung out and watched the kid while they went off to Borders. I got some text messages saying what a zoo it was. A madhouse. They had lines that were to wait to get into more lines. Big crazy filtration systems. After a couple hours my wife is like, ‘hey want to blow this place? I heard Krogers is going to get these books too. Maybe we’ll get lucky’

Jenny was done with the crowd so they went to Kroger’s. Low and behold, a wall of the new Potter books and no crowds. At all. Just down the street. No news. Nothing. Just a few smart buyers. Or buyers who don’t enjoy the hype. I for one think it was smart. I tried the hype thing and waited in line for Star Wars episode I once. Overnight. The theater managers refused to open more than one ticket line for the crowd that looped around the building 6 times. I was still there late evening the day ticket sales began. But that’s a whole other story. Never again.

No not only did Jenny return triumphant with her new book, but Sarah did too. Sweet.

Back to Work

Hi Everybody, Sarah here, finally writing a blog instead of having Matt do it. Well I’m back to work after eight wonderful weeks home with Henry. It was super hard leaving him with the babysitter but he is doing great there. It just him and her little boy so that works out perfectly. He is loved and cared for while he is there which makes going back to work a lot easier. At the same time, I’m loving being back to work and having adult conversations with everyone. What a strange pull happy to be working but sad to be leaving Henry, it’s a huge catch 22. I’m working part-time so I am very lucky to see be able to see my boy tons and tons and still help makes some money to pay bills. Well there’s your update! Hope to see you guys up at the salon soon, so I can make you prettier!

Yet another write up…

Stuie just discovered for me that my flick ‘A Tale of Texas Treason’ had another write-up I didn’t even know about. It was for the Salt Lake City Weekly. I’m pretty proud that all on-line response has been pretty positive. Here’s the review:

A Texas Tale of Treason: Writer-director Matthew C. Walker’s “almost making of” the film Waldo’s Hawaian [sic] Holiday (which “is no more,” according to the Website, is the epitome of “punk filmmaking,” a wild and aggressive documentary about the experience of everyone involved in the not-making of a film that never quite got off the ground. The film’s trailer on YouTube is an excellent example of guerrilla marketing, the kind of viral word-of-mouth that will fuel the incipient online venue for indie filmmakers.

Check out my review page for a collection of what people are saying. Makes me proud! :-)

New Kite

Yes! It finally arrived. I got a wild notion and wanted to fly a kite. I’ve only ever flown the $3 kind from the grocery store. I wanted something more substantial this time. So I splurged on a Prism Hypnotist stunt kite. Can’t wait for some good weekend weather to get out and fly it.

Independence Day


So at the end of my work day on the 3rd, I discovered Addison was having a firework show you can see from the front parking lot of the building so a few of us just wheeled some office chairs out front to enjoy the show. On the 4th, Sarah, Damon and I walked to the top of the parking garage next to the salon for the lakewood show. Good times.

New Button


You may notice a ‘Most Recent Henry Pics’ button at the top. That’s for obvious reasons. New kid and all. Gonna be a steady stream of pics all the time now. Every time I upload a batch I’ll put them there. After they get a little less recent, I’ll put them in the ‘Pics of Henry’ section of the 2007 Gallery. Got that Jan? There’s a couple I got off my cellphone from when he was first born. Wow he’s bigger all ready. Oh and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!