Star Wars Exhibit


Yes I’m a nerd. And so is my friend Stu. And Sarah is getting there thanks to being married to me. Stu called and reminded me of the Star Wars exhibit at the Ft. Worth museum. It was naturally a must for me. So we packed up the baby and all the baby gear and the three of us spent the afternoon getting our fill of Lucas’ mind. I’ve been a Star Wars freak since I was like 10. I was an original. Way before it was trendy and cool. I even took grief from my friends for collecting the toys when I was supposed to be too old for toys but too young for it to be ‘collectable’. So after all these years it took my breath away to see actual props, models, and costumes used in the original movies. Saw huge models of the Blockade Runner, Life-scale landspeeder that was used, Star Destroyer, Yoda Puppet, Chewie and wookie costumes, R-2 and 3PO, lithtsabers, stormtroopers, vader’s suit, etc. I especially liked some of the more obscure gadgets for some reason. The floating inquisition droid, the jedi training ball that was on the falcon, FX-7 and Two-1B, the binoclears used on Hoth, etc etc.

It seems more of a logistic challenge just to go out and do things when you have a baby. Having to gear up and make sure he’s fed, changed and happy. But at the same time it kinda makes things more fun. All the prep makes it all seem like an even more special outing event than it would be otherwise. Henry was a perfect kid. Slept a lot, looked around quietly. Riding in the Bjorn instantly calms him. We then went to Target for an hour or so and he continued to be a chill kid.

We don’t have a heck of a lot of pics but didn’t want to annoy the crowds too much. And I was mostly trying out Stu’s Canon GL-1 camera that I might buy. It was great to get out and an all-round good time. Thanks Stu!

Kingdom Come

Sarah and I went to Borders this weekend to spend some money on some kiddie books for Henry. Wow they shake ya down for that stuff these days. But we got some basics including ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. I want to score some of that sweet Shel Silverstien eventually too, if I don’t find my old collection at home.

Anywho I found 2 unused and rather old gift cards in my wallet and got myself a present too. It’s a huge hardback of the DC Comic miniseries, “Kingdom Come”. Illustrated by my new all-time favorite artist, Alex Ross. He creates absolutely photo-realistic watercolor panels where each individual character looks like a real person. And it’s the story is awesome. It’s my favorite superhero team (Supes and the JL-Yes I lean more DC than Marvel) It’s in the future when they are all old and Supes comes out of retirement to round up the whole possee and teach the reckless, vigilante young future superheroes what’s what. The hardback aint exactly cheap, but worth every penny! (Ryan…my email to you made me think it rather imperative to post this important information on the blog for the millions of site visitors to see!) The Justice League toons revived my joy of the classic heroes and comics. And if it did for you, the first and best thing to grab is anything by Alex Ross, expecially ‘Kingdom Come’. WOrd…

2006 Pontiac Vibe

My 2000 Ford Ranger was squealing but the belt looked fine so I took it in last weekend. They said repairs would cost about a grand, including the busted driver side power window. The truck has been fun, but has had too much go wrong with it for how few miles we put on it. And with the cost of gas, we have been thinking of trading it for another fuel-economical ride. Meanwhile, the Pontiac Vibe has been catching my eye. It has great lines. Makes one think ‘SUV’ looking at it. But after research, I found the gas mileage is pretty much good as any sedan, but with ‘SUV’ cargo space. It’s essentially made by Toyota so reliability reports are good. Sarah did the footwork shopping around yesterday getting quotes from pretty much any place we could buy one. We found carmax had an unbeatable price, and happened to be a great color, etc. So instead of fixing the truck, we took it in and got a much better-than-expected trade-in for it.

It should have been a pretty quick deal, but we wound up waiting like 4 hours for the bank to fax us something. Luckily Henry was in good spirits., even though he didn’t sleep the whole time.

It drives totally sweet and I LOVE how the seat is higher from the floor than most…even my old truck! My thigh muscles might actually not go numb on a long car ride now! I was also very pleased to see that there’s some extra space around the engine to fit my arm if I need to (hopefully not for a long time!) I’m a happy man with my new sweet ride.