Scarborough Fair

We went to Scarborough fair today and took Henry! Believe it or not, we were able to spend 6 hours and he was just fine. He mainly slept through the falconry, candle-making, and glass-blowing demonstrations, but we’re sure he had a great time anyway!

Thank you, ‘Baby Bjorn’ for making such a great product! We can tote him around easily and he’s comfy and passes out when we strap him in!

Oh, and here’s some cute videos of the kiddo….
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Delicious Monster

So having some time off and alot of ‘sitting around the house’ I decided to spring for a little software that I found. It’s something that’s always been in the back of my head. A catalogue/database tool for movies, games, CDs and books. But I always thought of a database I just type everything in. This is better on so many levels. 95 percent of my stuff it can pull up all the info on Amazon for not only all the details that I normally wouldn’t type, but a spiffy picture of the item. In fact, I didn’t have to type ANYTHING with most of my things. I borrowed Lee Ann’s scanner from the Salon, plugged it in the mac USB port, and scanned UPCs like at a grocery store. It beeps, it pulls up stuff on Amazon. It’s logged. And it integrates with mac address book to log who might have borrowed stuff. Sweet software!

More Pics of the Kiddo


I want to say a big THANKS to everyone who sent their support and congrats via the site here and myspace and email and telephone and showing up, etc etc! (And a special mention to ‘uncle Damon’ for showin up at the hospital just to sit alone in the waiting room for 3 hours) Everybody has been so wonderful showing your support and happiness.
Just been chillin’ at home with the wife gettin’ to know wee Henry. I also feel compelled to highlight a few newer pics, since he’s a bit of a conehead in the first ‘newborn’ pics. Apparently some folks aren’t aware that’s a normal and temporary thing. Heh heh…

It’s a BOY! Introducing Henry Thorson Walker

It's a BOY!
Proud Papa and Little Henry
Hospital Picture

Wow. Just wow. Sarah did it au natural. Epidural-Free! I’m so proud of her. Just when I thought I couldn’t take seeing her hurting like she was, along comes the kid. It was a bit of a tough labor. He was born sunny-side up (goin’ down the tube facing the wrong way) which makes labor even harder according to the doctors and nurses. Nurse Susie was a star! A wonderful, calming presence to have. LeeAnn was there for the whole thing and even though she was new to the whole thing, everybody thought she was an experienced midwife. She was a super star. My thanks to all of you. And, of course, the very talented Dr. Gunby. And I must say that I am so proud of Sarah. She was determined to not have an epidural and she did it!
Henry was born 12:20 A.M. May 8th 2007. A beautiful baby boy 8lbs 1oz, 21 inches long. Pretty strapping especially for a first kid. Blue eyes. Looks like he’ll be a blond with perhaps some strawberry tint. He took to nursing within his first hour. Had the hickups and burped up some flegm all ready today. Wow. We’re parents! More to come. Gotta get back to the lovely wife and kid.

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Sarah has been slowly going crazy because the baby is now like 5 days late. But alas, she informed me at 3:30am, before I even went to bed, that her water broke. Heh heh… all part of my secret plan to drag her to a sit through Spiderman 3 and get motion sickness with all they flying-spinning camera shots!

She called the doctor and asked if we could wait awhile before we went in since she hasn’t started with the contractions yet. He said to go in for monitoring, etc. So..just as feared… It’s now been about 12 hours of NOTHING chilling around this hospital room. Sarah’s got an IV that gets changed. Baby’s heartrate gets listened to about every hour. And that’s pretty much it. Sarah started contracting about 8am and they’ve been getting more regular and intense so I guess we’re making some progress. Luckily LeeAnn is hanging out and brought her sweet apple laptop with airport action. Updates will follow if there’s anything to update about…even happier that we held out on not finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. So much more to be excited and curious about now…

Good Movie Day

Saw Spiderman III today. Awesome flick. Sam Raimi does NOT disappoint. Probably the most reliably good trilogy of all time. (as far as the third being as strong as the first, etc).

Then at Sam’s Club there was a Clint Eastwood triple feature collection which I had to score. Watched High Plains Drifter later tonight. I think I’m seeing the connection here. Westerns. Superheroes. Very similar genres. Good stuff.