Justice League

Awesomest animated ANYTHING … ever. Period.

I’ve always dug superhero stuff a little. But never really considered myself a comic book geek. But then I discovered the animated Justice Leage season one about 6 months back. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. This aint no superfriends. In fact the one one homage to superfriends one episode contains is a quick glimpse of a statue of the wondertwins (as if they were dead) just before it gets smashed. Even though I’ve never been an avid comic collector or reader, I remember my bro collecting all the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’ series back in the 80′s. It was a big DC event because they involved everybody ever. So I remember picking up on a LOT of minor characters and some DC universe history. Well this animated series stays pretty darn true to the happenings and histories of DC.. since the way back oldschool days of WWII. Only re-imagined for modern times. For example, there’s some time travel episodes where our heroes find ourselves back in WWII. We get to meet the Black Raven Squadron, Sgt. Rock, and an old mortal lover of Wonder Woman that was popular in the comics way back when it WAS WWII. Well she even meets him when she goes back in time. Then goes back to see him when she gets back to her own time. He is an old man. Told in a silmutaneously heartwarming and depressing tone.

There are 2 seasons of Justice leage featuring the original 6 Justice Leagers. Made by the same animators who did a few seasons of Superman and Batman. (also good). But I got interested in checking it out when we can now meet the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, etc etc. Those two seasons were amazing. So well-written and well-animated. I occasionally caught myself forgetting I was watching a cartoon. It’s what a series of movies should be. (Only animated because that would cost too much).

Then they made 2 Seasons of Justice League Unlimited. In which the 6 members recruit the whole world of DC heroes. We even manage to incorporate in the same universe such oddities as Lobo. There are some funny yet endearing eps showcasing the ‘minor’ heroes… the ‘loser’ heroes who get consigned to traffic control while the big heroes have to battle the giant robot. And they never get the credit after they do, in fact, save the day. Characters are more sophisticated and complex than they ever were in Superfriends. In-fighting, politics, love interests, etc.

For some reason I like the original JL opening music alot better. Slowly building timpanies and french horns as the six members walk astride in slo-mo. Then they went with a cheesier ‘wailing guitar’ sound for the opener of JL Unlimited. But the content of the actual show still manages to top previous seasons… which must have been difficult. I didn’t mean this to be a full review, but I can’t help but rave. It’s that good. If you’ve ever had so much as a slight passing fondness or happy childhood memories involving the classic comic book heroes.. do yourself a favor. Go buy ‘em. And watch. And enjoy.

Antstuie’s New Playhouse


Stuart and his mom had some ideas for a new business venture so they went in on a warehouse for all their workshop needs. Stu scored a massive semi-automated screenprinter to bust out mass quantities of T-shirt designs. I went out tonight to check the place out for the first time, and to witness the first test run of the silkscreen machine. It made some pretty sweet T’s. They already have a few jobs lined up. Stu and Tony say the place will probably serve multiple functions. Not only a screenprinting shop, but a studio for video, still image, and computer graphic production. Or for just hangin’ out and watching a movie. He even has a little tv in there. I notice the video sitting by the vcr was ‘The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly’. He said he watched it last weekend also. Total serendipity!

The Western

I’m re-discovering the complete joys of the ‘Western’ and all it’s formulaic joys. Watched ‘For a Few Dollars More’ and ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’ this weekend. Forgot how much I enjoy it all. I think it was brought on by Chris at work loaning me his ‘Dark Tower’ books by Stephen King. Which is actually a pseudo-sci-fi Western featuring gunslinging action. We need to see another good western. I don’t think a good one has been made since the Unforgiven. The latest are all Cheesy action flicks with a weak ‘Western’ disguise. I think there’s much more to the Western than what we’ve been given lately. Anyone else notice there’s less re-makes in the genre than any other? Actually none that I can think of. But that is a credit to the genre. We don’t need to see a remake of ‘The Good, Bad, & Ugly’ starring Jude Law, Matt Damon, and George Cloony. I know just because I’m thinking it.. it’s a cosmic rule of the universe that it therefore MUST be sitting on the desk of some producer right now waiting for the green light. My advice..DON’T!

Lego Star Wars II

Splurged on a new video game yesterday and I must admit.. it’s about the most fun I’ve had gaming in ages. If you’re getting older and more boring like me, you start thinking you’ve played enough shoot-em-ups to have played them all. Enough RPGs to have played them all, etc.. and they all start to look alike. This is a new level of fun. It seems like a trite kid-game by the concept alone.. but it turns out to be loads of fun for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. All the sounds, music, and feel of the original Star Wars movies.. but in a world built with lego toys. Sort of takes you to that place when you were a kid, actually playing with legos.. working out the scenes in your head. And it’s not overly involved either. Big A+ for this game!

Storm of Death

Actually Storm of Death part II. I left work right when it peaked out. Green skies. Golfball-sized hail. I was going to stop at Target for fun but when the sound of massive chunks of ice started pelting the car with the velocity of bullets, I opted to push on straight home. Got out and heard the tornado sirens going. Turns out they were expecting a tornado right in the North Dallas area where I work..right around the time I decided to drive home. Luckily my commute was tornado-free.

It still didn’t match the deadliness of the monsoon I drove home in last November. Rain coming down sideways so fast that visibility was reduced to just about nothing. They type of blacktop they use here makes the road one glaring, shiny surface with no sign of painted lines. Had to swerve around some downed trees in the freeways and roads. Lightning flashing so bright and frequent the entire horizon is like a strobe… adding to the fun of having no visibility. And literally saw no less than 3 power transformers blow up on the way. Much deadly fun to be had by all. Luckily I survived both journeys.

New Portable, Wireless Telephones!

Yes they make those now! Amazing stuff!

We upgraded our ancient nokia with broken volume buttons for for some sweet Motorola Razrs.. i’m amazed at how far the ol’ color display screen has come. I downloaded a couple games including ‘Doom’. Pretty cool what you can fit on cellphone memory now. It was actually pretty fun. It’ll be great if I’m ever stuck on a long plane ride again. I also like the longer span between ear and mouthpiece. Good for big dome-heads like mine…

New Stroller/Car Seat

Well we finally broke down and bought a carseat/stroller set today at Target. Actually fun to buy. It’s like a big toy and I helped pick out what looked the coolest. It’s the evenflo travel system. Comes together in a snap and looks spiffy! Getting very excited to actually have a baby around the place….heh heh.. I liked this evenflo set because it looks pretty smooth and won’t make any dad feel gay pushing it around whether you have a boy or a girl!