The legendary Billy K. threw a themed fling at his pad which I got to see for the first time. Wow! Retro decor down to the last detail! turntables, tiki masks, 50′s design wet bar and furniture. Had all the sweet old-school LP’s playin. He designed some burned CDs for guests to grab featuring color variations of the above-invite. Killer food too! Sarah borrowed Lean’s crock for the cornbeef & cabbage last weekend. And the pork at the party was so melt-in-your mouth that we had to finally run out and buy our own crock. Thanks Billy K!

Seamus Stout

Ahhh the scene is back to normal. Whew. Went to see Seamus Stout play at Trinity Hall and all is well again. Not over-crazy hate-life crowded. Just a not-overcroweded pub of people, many of whom I know. The band is sounding good. Damon hasn’t been with them for long, but is already wailing on that Bodraihn with some sweet dynamics. I was willing to forgive them if they sounded a bit tired after gigging it up last weekend. But they didn’t. Spot on and full of energy. Sarah hung out with Pamela (another regular/fan) and got to know her better. Said she was a hoot. It was one of those rare occasions that beer and/or whiskey just wasn’t on my mind. Actually got through the whole evening on simple (non-Irish) coffee. But still fun times, all-round.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m writing this post quite late but hey, it’s just a wee journal of mine anyway. St Patrick’s was fun. Got a 45 minute chair massage Sarah lovingly booked me with the Salon masseuse. Then wandered over to the Tipperary to hear the last bit of Seamus Stout play and say howdy to the guys. They came over to hang and sample Sarah’s butt-kickin’ crockpotted Corn Beef & Cabbage. Jarrod was out doin’ another gig but they waited at our place before headin’ over to Trinity Hall. We opted not to go cause it gets a little too crazy. Thus, my love-hate relationship with St. Patrick’s day. I love to see such energy and revelry in the scene I love so much year round. But I also hate to see it get invaded and over-crowded by posers who think it’s all green beer and Leprechauns, and don’t know the difference between a skirt and a kilt. Plus I had to pay ten bucks just to get in my favorite local pub where I’m a regular and know most all the people who work there. Sucky. I don’t blame them for makin’ a buck.. but feelin’ like a stranger in what is usually ‘my’ scene can blow. It was fun, tho. Some kilted dude had like 3 daughters or something who busted out with the highland dance and actually knew what they were doing (NOT the drunken make-a-pointy hand gesture thing on my head, stick my tongue out, and kick my legs about like a total twat). Well enough of my soap box for those two or three indivuduals-per-year who might actually land on this page by accident and have a slow enough life to actually read it. Happy St Patrick’s Day!


So Dragon Force came to town again so Tanner, his bro and I hooked up to check it out. Turns out they weren’t even the headlining band. Just the last opener band. Our timing was perfect. We showed up during the break between the previous band and Dragon Force. We rocked to the Force for an hour (short) and bolted. We had no interest in the other bands. So it was a pretty sweet & easy ride, but not alot of time for the thirty-something bucks I all ready spent (before I knew they were just an opening band). But they were still awesome. Too awesome to be lowering themselves to open for anyone else!