X-arcade update

Okay….just now found out they have released an X-arcade controller with joysticks AND trackball! (Still need that coin and escape button, though.. ;-) ) Good job X-arcade! Now I must have it! Grrrr…


Okay. I got an X-arcade controller like a year ago and I still dig it. But I have to counterbalance all the glowing reviews it has all over the internet. I have some problems with it. They still havent figured out that the world would love a 2 joystick controller WITH a trackball. And it has to be programmed with a keyboard plugged into the x-arcade. No big deal, but it still has ps/2 plugs. That is ancient! Like 15 years old ancient. So I get a usb to ps/2 adapter to plug my keyboard in. It still doesn’t work because it supplies no power to a keyboard which, like just about ALL keyboards, require power now-a-days. It also desperately needs a ‘coin’ button. It has pinball buttons, one, and two player buttons…which is cool….but you have to double-up on your button programming to get a ‘coin’ button. Other than that it’s pretty cool, but I just had to say that because every single review is entirely one-sidedly good. Not to mention the fact the first one I ordered directly from x-gaming was broken, and the phone service was semi-rude, and the replacement was like a month late.

Let me offer a suggestion to X-gaming for the ultimate product…. a 2 joystick console WITH trackball AND a coin button…and an ‘escape’ button… ability to use the trackball as a mouse (so you can navigate all the non-game-specific b.s. you need to navigate with MAMEs..especially if you want to build a cabinet).. and finally…USB powered connection for keyboard programming!…maybe a built-in USB hub to plug in your genesis, nintendo, and playstation controllers to plug in for those ‘other’ emulators for a complete game station control system. That would be the ultimate cabinet-ready control system!

That is all. I feel better now.

Old Pictures


Sarah has been bugging my folks for a long time to have them send some old pics of me as a kid. She hasn’t even seen most of them. Well as part of a belated Christmas gift, we were sent a box of old pics. Wow! Blast from the past. I uploaded most of them to the gallery. My next project is to upload a pile of old Sarah pics.