New Crib

half way there
new crib

Sarah scored an antique fold-away crib at a Swiss avenue (fancy) yard sale. It’s more of a bassinet..good for a while when the kid is still really small. Then we’ll upgrade to a better one when we get into a bigger place. We’re gettin’ pretty excited!

Hey that’s my shot!

So I was surfin the internet when I hit my ‘home’ button of and found this front and cener…

I thought the pic looked familiar, then realized it was the liveshot that I did at my work the other day. It went smooth and football ‘play-maker’ legend Michael Irvin was in rare form and a nice guy.

News: The Gathering

What kids everywhere have been waiting for. Pit your favorite news anchors against one another. Collect them. Trade them. Make a coverage war with your friends! Right wing, Left wing, Good, and evil….even NPR! All the special skills and weaknesses of every local station! Watch out… you need to team your local anchors up to make a team to stand against the national favorites! Beware …you have entered…. NEWS: The Gathering!

Introducing the iBrush

My ol’ buddy Stevie Jobs gave me explicit permission to introduce the new ibrush. No more BORING tooth you can brush AND listen to music! Thanks apple for making modern life sweeter!

Retails for only 399.99!

Yet another upgrade to blogland!

Well I appreciate Tom Simpson for letting me leech off his server for free for a few years ago. I was pretty broke when he gave me an ftp folder to explore the wonderland of bloggage. But it was getting slow to access, and we finally decided to spring for a real live webhost. We can actually afford such luxuries now! Yaaay! Jumped on with DreamHost. Then installed WordPress and gallery. Then racked my brain digging up instruction on the internet on how to customize the theme, sidebar, add widgets, and integrate gallery and wp themes. I think I’ve about got it now. Gonna start uploading some pics soon. Imported all the old blog entries, etc etc. Geez I sound like a geek! But it was kinda fun making it happen. It looks so much nicer now than that nasty color scheme on my old ‘built-from-scratch’ site.

New Home Theater System

I split with some cash for a Denon S-101 DVD Home Entertainment System. It’s pretty sweet. It has audio/video auxiliary inputs, plays DVDs, am/fm radio, has great sound, and (what sold me) I can plug my ipod into it and browse on the tv. It has great sound and is a major upgrade from the 15+ year-old desktop deal that I had. Yaay! The only problem is that it doesn’t output HD, but I don’t care. We’re still watching TV on an old tube and I have no intentions of upgrading until the FCC nazis raid my home and confiscate SD tvs. So I figure I have a couple years, anyway.