Premiere Screening

So Stuie sweet talked the Magnolia theater to let us use a screen to put the finally-finished ‘Texas Tale of Treason’ up on the big screen for a crowd. I was nerve-racked about it because that’s a real moment of truth. ‘Will they show? Will they like it? etc etc’ Well it turned out well. Filled up with a lot of people and everybody laughed (at all moments they were supposed to laugh). It was a hit..yaay!~

And here’s the sucky part..I couldn’t even make my OWN premiere! Naturally, my devil-posessed workplace superiors HAD to have me stay late at the last minute and naturally everybody elses’ life on a mundane evening is oh-so-much-more important than mine on my F-ing premiere night! I talked Sarah (the front desk girl) into hangin a bit longer until the clients left so I could at least pop in late, which I did….got about 15 minutes of it watched when I got the text message that the clients weren’t leaving anytime soon, so I had to go back…so I just snuck in for a few minutes. But luckily, again, the crowd seeemed really into it. Whew!

Oh, yeah, and Sarah was walking right in front of the whole theater from one side to the other when she totally takes a face-plant. Only her pride was hurt..heh heh..

Ultrasound at the half-way mark

Went with Sarah to get the ultrasound today. She’s at the half-way point. WOW! It was much cooler than I thought. I had no idea they move around so much. This kid was twisting and waving at us and hiding his/her face everytime the doctor tried to get a good face shot. Took my breath away…it was just…wow! We’re both getting so excited for May to get here. Still not finding out the sex either, and the doctor was able to keep us in the dark even with the ultrasound. We pretty much have a boy name ready to plug-n-play. Henry Thorson. Still haven’t pinned down that girl name yet. We like Laura, Fiona, Guinevere, and Amelia so far…still haven’t pinned it down yet, tho…