Are We Not Men?


We are DEVO! I couldn’t believe when I heard Devo was actually doin’ a tour. I believed it less when I heard there were playin’ in Dallas. I believed even LESS when I heard ‘When In Rome’ and ‘Psychadelic Furs’ were opening for them. I was in 80′s-child nerd heaven! We didn’t even have to pay because Sarah had the hook-up with fairpark people. I got off work early. We ran into quite a few friends completely unexpectedly. (go figure) Met Rod and Peg and Darren and his wife. It wasn’t that huge of a venue nor was it that unbearably crowded which was good for us. But at the same time, it was almost sort of a bummer when I thought what gods these bands were back in the day. How they shaped and defined the whole ’80s generation thing…and how grey and old they looked…heh heh. They were still awesome sweet fun, though. I was probably even a bit young for concerts in the 80′s proper, but the evening sure took me back there.