Dragon Force

Dragon Force – Throungh The Wire

Okay so a kid from work (Tanner) has been telling me how awesome fantasy/hair/power/speed/Euro metal is. I’ve never been a metal head. But after several weeks of listening to Tanner’s collection at work, I got soft. It’s the very stuff I would make fun of back in the day. The long hair, glam power tenor singing with subject matter about knights of power and slaying the beast with elves at your side, etc etc. Well Tanner comes leaping into work screaming that ‘DRAGONFORCE’ is coming for a live show in Ft. Worth. After seeing Herman Lee’s guitar solos on Utube, etc, I knew that he was under-rated. Possibly the fastest player alive, but blown off because he’s one of them ‘new Euro butt-rocker f-dudes’. Well after listening more and more, it wore off on me a bit. I also noted that the message of their songs are pretty positive, as opposed to most popular music movements over the last decade or so. I started listening as a laugh..the next thing I knew I was actually choosing to listen to Nightwish, Sonata Artica, Manticora, etc in my car.I finally yeilded to going to see DRAGONFORCE which was tonight. I hitched a ride with Tanner and his bro. They were driving a beater van that we had to fill up with gas about 8 times going there and back. It was a theater packed with rockers and it was very hot. Strangely enough, I had oodles of fun. It was like re-capturing what I missed and what so many kids were into when I was 14. They even had the common leaf blower propped on the edge of the stage in one spot, so the guitarist and singer would be sure to pose in front of it to make their hair billow. Heh heh. The keyboardist was a hoot, too. Windmilling his long hair and doing the mid-air splits the entire time he played. He then busted out with the ‘keytar’ and struck poses on one knee and make ‘lasering-the-audience’ noises and motions. Aaaah wacky fun. I guess I’m officially in touch with my inner-f-dude. Except the newer stuff seems to be faster, more Euro, more positive than the old-school Iron-Maiden-type stuff. I also like that some bands like ‘NIGHWISH’ are friendly to the whole operatic/symphonic orchestra/Lord of the Rings-Soundtrack sound along with those wailing guitars and drumbeats. Makes for a pretty sweet combo. Well we bought a million Christy (read White Castle) burgers and pigged out at our work after the show. It was surprisingly fun!