Wacky Weekend

On Saturday Morning, Sarah booked me for a massage at her work. It was totally sweet. Then we decided to round up Damen and hit the Tipperary for a quiet evening of killin’ time chatting over a drink. We get there and Kristi the waitress (who made it clear is now our buddy from seeing us at the Tip and at the Flogging Molly concert)is a tad inebriated from some customers buying her drinks. She couldn’t have anymore so she passed her continuing free rounds on to us (and played a little grab-ass with Damen and I). Some guy in the most ultra-mullet I’ve ever seen comes out for a smoke and strikes a pose sitting on the wall behind Damen. Sarah and I see him spend several minutes striking a dashing pose while he whips his head and flips is massive billowing hair in the slow-motion breeze. Sarah and I thought we were going to spray our drinks out of our nose. Luckily we were having a joke competition with an old couple next to us so it was okay to laugh. Then a couple girls stagger over from the club across the street and swoop in on Damen. One of them proclaiming she was going to make out with him before the night was over. She didn’t (I don’t think Damen was very interested). But we had some laughs in the meantime anyway. The entertainment (Older guitar player/singer guy in a kilt) comes out for a smoke and the girls (of course) ask what he has under it. He naturally feels obliged to show us all by lifting the back up. He was wearing nothing. Nobody needed to see that! We finally walked back home knowing the evening had taken a far, far more bizarre turn than the quiet chit-chat sort we expected.

On Sunday, Sarah and I went to see the Dallas Derby Devils league at our first roller derby race. This event ROCKED! People head to the skate ring with coolers of beer and watch the fun. The crowd is a mix of motorcyclists, scooterists, old punkers, rockers, etc. The derby itself is a wacky showcase of violence and themed, sexy costumes. There were a couple wipe-outs that lead to blows. Then the officials make them do a goofy contest to settle the dispute. People built beer can pyramids around the perimeter and naturally there would be a wipe-out where a girl is sent right through the pyramid and into the crowds. There was a devil dude on stilts, a little piggy running from a butcer, and all sorts of other strange costumed entertainment skating around between events. It was much wacky fun that everybody has to experience at least once. I intend to see more of these contests!

We had to leave a bit early to catch our friends’ ‘Do-Wop’ band, ‘The Fabulous Harmonaires featuring the Tiny C Orcestra’ playing at the Old Crow. We get there, and strangely enough there’s the Assasination City Derby League compilation CD for sale. (The other Dallas Derby leage Stu’s wife Carolyn is in). And their coach, Bill walks in with his Assasination City League shirt on) This was a CD that some derby girls on Carolyn’s league told us about when we went to see them practice last week (Stu and I are talking about doing a video for them.) The CD was for sale next to our friends’ ‘Fabulous Harmonaires’ CDs. We then watched their video featuring Julie who arranged the ‘Lakewood Calendar Girls’ Calendar that Sarah did the hair for. The band played and they were AWESOME. And we went home while I marvelled at the synchronicity/coincidence/Small-world-syndrome of it all.