St Paddy’s Weekend Surprise

Strange day. Sarah volunteered to shaves some heads for a children’s cancer charity at the Tipperary Inn. I thought I’d come along. I thought it’d be pretty quiet being only 3 in the afternoon and all, and most St Paddy’s revelries would be next weekend. Even brought my practice chanter and music to practice a little in a quiet booth while Sarah shaved a few heads for maybe an hour. So we show up and the place is PACKED. Including some of those freaky ‘Scarborough Fair’ people with their chainmail and crazy garb on. I still managed to find a booth and go over some music in the far side. Then the entire pipe band walks in after doing the downtown parade (which I avoided going to). Damen shows up to hang out and I end up circulating a bit and grabbing a Guinness. Then Don hands me his pipes to play for a bit. Crowd loved it, it was fun. Then some other apparently random, plain clothes people start busting out with the Irish dance and they were actually good.

I then decide to check up on Sarah. I walk to the other side and find every news channel has a camera in her face and there’s a PR announcer guy screamin in a microphone by her as she rakes in thousands of dollars for the charity and people were lined up to get their heads shaved. Damen and I finally break off with the company and meet Sarah and LeeAnn across the street when they’re done, then go home to watch some sweet Mystery Science Theater 3000. Crazy weekend. Is it just me, or does each St Paddy’s day seem to get a little more surreal?

The Rock, The Rabbi and the Piper

Okay, sounds like a joke…but Saturday I stepped in to play for a travelling musical sort of geared for the ‘church circuit’ for two performances at the Majestic theater in downtown Dallas. It was sorta scary. Simple tune, but basically no practice before playing solo in the spotlight with a few strike-ins and cut-outs. Turned out to go well. It was a fun experience and the tune is actually pretty catchy. It’s stuck with me. And Jesus was played by a big burly black guy with a beautiful singing voice. It was awesome. Played a tune called It’s Not My Will ‘It’s Not My Will’
Sarah, Damen and I then went to Trinity Hall to hear ‘Seamus Stout’ play for their CD release celebration. We met up with some friends we made just from seeing them at all the Seamus Stout shows. Turns out he recently joined the North Texas Caledonian pipe band as a drummer. We met up with Billy K of the Big D Three / Harmonaires and some ladies from Ireland who were experiencing a ‘Texas’ St Paddys weekend. Lots of laughs.

Flogging Molly!

So Sarah and I went to the Dubliner on Greenville a couple weeks ago to see our buddy’s Irish band ‘Seamus Stout’. It was fun. They rocked. And they had drawings for free Flogging Molly tickets which we were planning on going to anyway. I think the pub was full of typical Dallas business yuppies who wouldn’t appreciate Irish tradition if it kicked them in the nuts. So we didn’t win any drawings, but because Sarah kept yelling ‘pick us pick us!’…and she said ‘You better use those!’ to the winners when they walked past with their tickets, they decided to just give them to us (thanks!) So we invited Elvira and Tracy to go with us and had an awesome time night before last. They rocked our world and Sarah is yet another step closer to appreciating punk. Floggin Molly isn’t exactly ‘punk’ per se, but have a definate strain ‘in the spirit of’. Mixed with a bit of the revelrous Irish pub spirit, you can’t go wrong!