The Sex Pistols Experience

So I hooked up with the guys from Antstuie Productions to do a multi-camera shoot of the Sex Pistols experience. It was very very fun. A rockin’, truly ‘punk’ good time. I got up close for good shots of the band on stage and in the crowd. ‘Kid’ Vicious flipped me off. They showed their appreciation for the crowd by hurling nasty insults, and the audience showed their appreciation by throwing things at the band. I was always at the right place at the right time with the camera. Got good shots of securtiy dragging off drunk crowd members who jump on stage and take over their microphones. Somebody right in front of me threw a tshirt at Vicious and he threw it back into the camera. Before the show we had a good time just chatting it up with Tony and Stuie. Sarah and I went across the street to get a delicious gyro. Sarah has no punk in her but has since learned to appreciate the pistols. She had a blast and likes them now! And we scored a bunch of free tshirts.

The Chieftains!

Just when I thought it was all down hill from here on, I suddenly hit another memorable height of my bagpiping career. Our pipe major was hand-picked to play with the Chieftains for several shows during their tour around TX and LA. He, in turn, hand-picked a group of us pipers to do a band number for the finale oncore. We quickly learned and busted out an old Breton tune, ‘An Dro’ on stage with them at Bass Hall in Ft. Worth Wednesday night, and at the Hippodrome in Waco last night. It was totally fun. Chatted with Matt Maloy. Paddy Malone thanked me, and best of all I got to get chatty with that hot stepdancer they picked up from Long Island. She must have been the second-hottest girl around. (Next to Sarah, of course). Sarah took our pic (her idea) and didn’t even get jealous!

Last night at the Hippodrome was fun. There was literally no back stage to speak of. We enter the stage from an alley pretty much. But the weather and everybodys’ mood was great. Had many laughs whilst standing around practicing and waiting. Saying ‘howdy’ to passing Chieftains and stepdancers. That Nathan Pilatske is a POWERHOUSE step dancer. They bust out the ‘Ottowa Valley’ style in casual clothes, and the dancing looks more masculine than I’ve ever seen it. Looked more like some kind of choreographed sailor dance from ‘Popeye’. Okay that description didn’t do it justice…it just plain rocked. And the band lined up behind them for the encore and knocked the house down when we strike in to join the Chieftains. It’ll be one of those gigs I’ll never forget.

Here’s the tune we played: An Dro

More Pistols

Today I had a photo session with the pipe band out at a golf club in Garland. Then I had to run and hook up with the Antstuie guys again for some photos with the Sex Pistols experience. We did a few stills and video shots of them for a little vid we’re making for them, and used them for some cameos in Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday. Much fun was to be had by all. The most surreal part was probably seeing all the Sex Pistols look-alikes jumping on the trampoline in Stuie’s back yard, each holding pistols, revolvers and ‘Nancy’ holding the AK-47. Good day!

Happy Holidays

Okay, so I know it’s late and I don’t update my posts enough. But it’s been a busy month. Sarah whipped up a feast for ourselves, Bobby, Tish, Dolly, and Regan for Thanksgiving. We hit the gothic beauty pageant again on Dec 11th. On the 17th I celebrated my 33rd by going to our second AMS work Christmas party. I’ve been helping out with camera, and started editing a feature film, ‘Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday’. I became a new member of AntStuie productions and scored a free new imac G5 as a result, so I can edit away at home! I put a link on the ‘friends’ page. We scored a sweet Christmas haul. I got Sarah a new keyboard she plays away on. I got an X-arcade controller for all my arcade emulation fun, but it had a jacked up joystick so I’m still waiting for it’s replacement. Grrrr. For New Years we hit Stuie’s house to hang out, went to Cat’s party for a bit, and then just hung out around the house with Damen. And that’s about it, really. I put up a few new pics to cover all of the above.