Okay. It’s nerdy, but it’s made my whole month. I wandered in a comic book shop right when the creators of the syndicated news paper comic strip, ‘Baldo’ were hanging around. Richard Dominguez and Hector Cantu were totally friendly dudes. We chatted for about ten minutes and nobody else was around. He asked if I happened to be an aspiring cartoonist. I said yes. Being an actual strip artist has always been true fame for me. Fame without being mobbed by the paper-nazis on the streets, per se. Cheesy, but actually always been one of my most cherished dreams/aspirations. Among other things, they talked about meeting Jim Davis, and how people gripe about the simplicity/non-offensiveness of his strip. They think most are just jealous because Davis made it so big he has like a hundred employees. Got their signatures. Totally cool.



OOOOOH yeah! I’m so excited! Didn’t even know they were making it. Thought to myself, ‘When are they gonna do with CS Lewis what they did to Tolkein?’ Did a search, and found out THEY ARE! And it’s by WETA WORKSHOP! Same guys who did Lord of the Rings! Totally sweet. Can’t wait. I hope they do as much justice to it that Peter Jackson did to LOTR!

3rd Annual Rocket Science Art Show

So Sarah’s salon held its third annual art show tonight. She had to drag me the first year or two but it’s grown on me. I actually know people and its fun to hang out. She makes me play the pipes. I did a duet with John’s friend Rod. We played Devo’s ‘Mongloid Man’ on the bagpipes and bass. He also brings a theruman which is always fun. They made us dress up like rocket scientists for wacky photos. Last year we scored some nifty modern art for our pad. Free booze. Always a good time. The pic is LeeAnn and Sarah posing all vogue on a classic Vespa they were selling at the show.

Hurricane Help

Sarah and LeeAnn went to a local hotel that was putting up New Orleans refugees. They met with a very nice family in need, took note of what they needed, and spent a bunch of money buying them some necessities. That, my friend, is where it’s at. Not sitting around bitching about how long 3 days is for the government to organize an army of rescue and relief aid in unprecedented force. D-day wasn’t organized in an afternoon. But I digress.

If you wanna help, here’s a few suggestions….


Texas is taking in a lot of folks, even right here in Dallas. Here’s a local charity that needs help…

The North Texas Food Bank.

quality inn is doing some awesome work putting up alot of people around here too. That’s where the family we helped is staying. But they need some help footing the bill. Check out…

Quality Inn (Choice Hotels)