Our 5th Anniversary!

We took a horseback riding excursion at the Beaumont ranch about 30 miles outside of Dallas. This is one of the few ranches still in full operation with cattle and horses. Not just for the tourist attraction. It was like a hundred degrees but still loads of fun. Our guide, Spencer, was friendly and full of info about ranch-type stuff. It wasn’t one of them lame nose-to-tail deals either. It was open space and I was totally able to steer my horse around, walk in the opposite direction, and all that fun stuff. Loads of fun.

Afterwards we went to the Tipperary because the band was hanging out there. Then they all moved to Trinity Hall because Cory’s band Seamus Stout was playing. Much fun was had by all.


Got back from a 10 day vacation. Oh so fun. We flew into Cleveland. Hooked up with my brother-in-law, Ian (for his wedding) and some old friends I haven’t seen in like 8 years. It was like no time had passed. Lots of laughs. Did the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, riding around in a limo for photo locations. Sarah had to follow the limos and apparently they drove about 100 mph. Had a good time at the reception. Went to a museum where they displayed real dead bodies opened and posed. Sarah found it fascinating while I found it nauseating. We drove to Niagra Falls. Then hooked up with a friend in Thousand Islands state park where they were renting a place. We ferried to Boldt Castle. Took a ride on Jim’s speedboat to Otter Island or some-such. Had a pint at Tir na’ nog Irish pub in Kingston. Tried escartgot and Poutine for the first time. Wasn’t impressed with either. The four of us found a club literally all to ourselves. The DJ must have thought we were goofballs the way we made full use of the dance floor. I got injured in a deadly game of teather ball. Drove into Canada. Enjoyed an Italian restaurant in downtown Montreal. Hooked up with the North Texas Caledonian pipe band and competed at the North American Championships in Maxville, Ontario. Our butts were kicked. We walked around Montreal again, had a bottle of wine outside another nice restaurant. Got to practice actually using the French I learned in school. We competed with the band and lost again at the Montreal highland games (Les Jeux Ecossian). We drove back to Cleveland. Had a nice breakfast Ian’s wife Trishia made for us, and flew back to Dallas. Whew. Lots of new pics on the photos page.