Painted my livingroom and my bathroom this weekend while Matt was out of town at John’s wedding, it was a pain in the but because I decided to not only paint the livingroom but to glaze it as well, which meant having to paint the whole thing with a 2″ paint brush. Tons of work but totally worth it because it looks awesome. I did that bathrrom a nice aqua color that is a little bright in the morning but I love it. I had the whole house put back together by the time Matt got home. Fun Fun!
Will post some pics when I bother to take them. Nite

Oakland, CA

I had a quick overnight trip to The outer burbs of Oakland. My friend John got married. The reception was fun. Talked to alot of successful south-of-the-border types. People from El Salvador, Chile, etc. The bride’s uncle gave me a cuban cohiba cigar for playin’ my pipes. I stayed the night at John Keibel’s house with my pastor and buddy, Dave Roberts. It was good to catch up on everything.
There’s a few new pics of the weekend in the photos section. Sorry John. Totally forgot my camera so I just got a few pics that Dave emailed me. Also updated my photo engine. It’s now Jetphoto. The old one wanted a bunch of money so I switched over.