Kansas City

Spent last weekend in Kansas City for a bagpipe band contest. Got to drive to the airport with John and Seamus to pick up Greg from Florida. Funny to hear them yell at each other the whole time as we got more lost. The band took a 3rd. i have no idea how we played as one piping judge gave us first place and the other gave us near last place. I’ve heard of subjectivity but COME ON! The pic is Seamus on the bus just after doing one of his ‘southern preacher’ imitations on the intercom: ‘We came from Dallas-aaah and played the pipes-aaaah’ etc, etc.

The job is going well. I’ve been starting to do live shots. We had Ross Perot in the other day. I’m also starting to do some tasks on the Discreet Logic Smoke editing system again. Fun fun!