My Terrible Day

So last Saturday I got a call to be a production assistant during an MTV casting session. I had to escort young female co-eds ages 18-24 around all day and get paid. Whew it was rough. Then I got to go home to my even MORE beautiful wife and we hit the Lakewood street festival. Sarah did the hair for a group of models doing a 40′s-style calendar, and we got to hang out with them at the festival. More terrible-ness. Then I wandered into the nearby Lakewood theater where they were serving drinks. I wandered into the theater to see what was going on. There were a few people milling about and the lights were on. I was about to leave when the lights suddenly dimmed and the original Star Wars blasted on the screen and sound system. Wow my day was getting worse all the time. I finally got to go to bed after hitting the pub with Sarah’s wacky workmates.

Today is Cinquo-de-Mayo, or however-you-spellit. I’m more of a July-o-de-quatro man myself. But it was an excuse for there to be a party at my work with food, drink, etc. Pretty nice break from the routine. Anywho…I’m gonna go watch more episodes of the ‘Space Ghost: Coast to Coast’ DVD I bought. The show is like 10 years old and I’m just discovering that it’s about the funniest thing God has blessed TV with in a looong time. Oh well, better late than never!