New Nephew

Just wanted to welcome to the world Nelson James Crane. Born to Matt and Sarah Crane on Saturday March, 26, 2005! He’s a cutie. Congrats to the new parents.


Eggs, Bunnies, & Chocolate…nifty! But let’s not forget that one Bible guy…you know…turned the world upside down…claimed faith in him gets you to heaven….and sealed the deal by coming back from the dead!

Sarah and I celebrated a little. Painted some eggs and treated ourselves to some new clothes and an ABBA CD. ‘Super Trooper’ takes me back to listening to my dad’s 8-tracks when I was in preschool!

Angus (Gussy) Walker: 1989(ish)-March 3, 2005

Well my folks finally had to put down a beloved longtime family pet, Gussy. He lived a good life but was getting so old he was going blind, deaf, and walking into walls. I can’t believe it’s really been like 15 years! Pretty long life for a purebread Cairn Terrier. He had a good life. He had freudian hangups around his potty-training, as he loved to do victory dances around his product after every outdoor defication session. We got him way back when I was in highschool and was sporting long hair. He was once so small that when I’d wave my hair in his face, it would tick him off enough to latch on, and I’d swing him around by my hair! He also munched up some of my precious Star Wars toys. which ticked me off. But when I see him again in heaven, I intend to give him all the Bib Fortuna action figures he could possibly wish to gnaw on. He was also the unwitting star of many of my action-packed goofball comedy vids I shot with friends through highschool and college, as seen in the pics. You may have seen him as the deadly She-wolf of incontinence in ‘Mad Matt’ or ‘Dilante’s Inferno’. He had a good, long life and loved to go for walks in the field at my old childhood home. He’d enjoy it so much that when myself or whoever was walking him would head back to the house, he’d latch on to our pant leg and try to drag us back out to the field. I miss him already. Long eulogy for a pet, I know. But I’ll say it anyway…until we meet again, WE LOVE YOU GUSSY!