Hello from Sarah

Today was a nice day. Went shopping at Sam Moon with LeeAnn and Dolly. What a fun store. Tons of knock of purses for a super low price. I got a super cute orange purse which I will love till it falls apart. * which might be soon the purse was super cheap. And then I got some stuff for up-do’s at work. Matt worked super late so I spent my evening just tiding up the house and doing laundry with the TV on. Tons of fun. But all in all a good day. Now I am off to amazon to buy Matt a “Vote for Pedro” shirt.

Night Night

Five-Star Dining

For Valentine’s, Sarah and I went to a five-star restaurant. I can’t take the credit, though. Sarah is hooked up because she has a haircut client who happens to be the head chef. So they work out some trade deals and we only had to pay for tips! It was quite the royalty treatment. The full-on bowing host that says ‘miseur’ and gives a rose for the lady. We even had ‘complimentary champaign courtesy of the chef’ and ‘the chef requests to meet you’ and all that cool jazz. Free drinks at the library bar because we were a bit early. Quite a contrast from the prior night’s popcorn fight with all the rowdy attendees of a cheesy dinner play.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Last night Matt and I went to a melodrama.. tons of fun! Popcorn throwing and a plenty of booing and hissing. It was sooo much fun, don’t think I have laughed that hard in a very very long time. Went shopping today with LeeAnn and Dolly for a dress to wear tonight. Found a super cute dress at Ross for only 20.00 bucks. can’t beat that. Maybe if we take some pics tonight we’ll post them. Happy Valentine’s Day.