New Webpage Look

Well after frying my eyes out after many hours of staring at the ‘puter screen, I finally got a new look to the site. I still might change the background color. It might be a tad obnoxious. Anywho… Christmas was good. Got a new hard drive and spent time shuffling all my data and moving my system drive. It can be a bit tedious but worth it. Also scored my ‘Return of the King’ special edition DVD set, some rad theology books by Lewis and Zacharius (my faves), and World of Warcraft computer game. I hope my ol mac G4 can handle it. More later…gonna upload some Christmas pics.

AMS Christmas Party

Sweet time. Dinner, a bar, dancing, karaoke, a drunk santa, and presents. What more could you want? The coolest part…After the “cocktail social hour”, they led us back to the studio where they’d set up for dinner. And when you walk in there was a wall of 8 1/2″x11″ framed photos of all the company employees. Each was all ‘Andy Warhol’d out with crazy discoloration schemes, all posing with unique faces and/or props. They were pretty sweet. Here’s mine:

Gothic Beauty Pagent

Went to the Gothic Beauty Pagent with Dolly tonight. Tish the dish entered and took 2nd place. Woooowhooooo! Most of the night was incredibly boring. But Tish coming in 2nd made it fun. You can check her link. $100 bucks she puts up pics by tomorrow. Night All! ~S

First Blog Day!

Bough a sweet new sports jacket today for the big work Christmas party next week. It’s a Claiborn or somethin’ fancy like that. Then we watched Borne Supremacy. It was fun, but not as awesome as the first one. Then I scored this awesome blog system from It rocks.